New bakery, food, B60 quart planetary mixer


Subject: New bakery, food, B60 quart planetary mixer
New B60 qt Planetary mixer. Includes Stainless steel bowl, vari speed built in controls. Attachments include (1) "Spiral dough Hook", (1) "Paddle" and (1) "Whip" style agitators. Mixer has variable speed. Manual bowl lift. Excellent mixer for any restaurant or process manufacturing application. We have in stock 10qt, 15qt, 20qt, 30qt, 50qt, 60qt and 80qt sizes for immediate delivery. Machine driven by a 220 volt 3 phase motor. We can provide a motor to fit your needs, per application. Please call me with any questions. Standard Features: • 4.8HP Fixed Speed Motor • Belt Driven Transmission • Light Silver/Gray Finish • Easy to use Controls • Manual Bowl Lift • Stainless Bowl and Accessories • Bowl Guard Acessories (included): • 60 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl • Flat Beater • Wire Wisk • Dough Hook Toggle switch with mechanical shift handle. 4 Speeds Low Speed: 73 rpm Intermediate Speed: 109 rpm Intermediate Speed: 143 rpm High Speed: 216 rpm (L x W x H) 40.4" x 24.4" x 56.3" Steve -