New automed atc fastpak 71 pill packing system 2M9750


Subject: New automed atc fastpak 71 pill packing system 2M9750
NEW! Automed ATC Fastpak Pill Packing System 2M9750 with Stand pictures
Still has the protective plastic!
Guaranteed for 30 days! picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
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We have powered up the machine and everything lights up and comes on. There are a few scuffs from being in storage but otherwise, it is a NEW machine! The protective plastic is still on it!
We get alot of equipment from the county and this is one of the finest! 99.99% of the time all the equipment we get is completely working!
Link to PDF of manufacturer specs
Compliance packaging in a compact, countertop design.
* Unit dose and multidose compliance packaging for oral solid medications improves patient compliance, reduces errors, minimizes waste and saves caregiver time and labor
* Compliance packages contain up to six different medications, with critical/non-critical drugs combined or separated as needed.
* Up to 71 canisters dispense oral solid medications quickly and accurately.
* Up to 12 canisters can be dedicated to one drug.
* Delivers up to 40 packets per minute.
* Convenient pull-out drawers mean simpler maintenance, as well as easy access to conisters, paper and ribbon.
* Prefill tray permits pre-staging of medications for later release to the Universal Tray.
ATC FastPakTM System - Additional product highlights:
* Canisters are compatible with AutoMed's FastFillTM Systems.
* User-friendly touch screen interface.
* Easy-to-read control panel.
* Barcode systems enhance efficiency, accuracy and inventory management.
* Includes cabinet stand for convenient storage of disposables.
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