New atv compact utility truck save$$$$$$$


Subject: New atv compact utility truck save$$$$$$$
Another great new product for E-BAY from
200cc Master Scout Utility Truck
4-Stroke, air-cooled, OHV, OHC, for durable power and reliability
Plenty of torque and speed to get jobs done faster
Easy dashboard shifter for smooth forward drive and reverse
Ride in comfort rear suspension
Modified swing arm with coil over shock absorbers and panhard bar
Large, heavy-duty plastic cargo bed (35" x 45" xh11", 9" at rear)
Precise steering and excellent turning
American jobs and quality product every time
Dashboard mounted CDI system for easy access and control
Wider split bench seating area with headrests for easier ride
Front and back 2' receiver hitch
Greater flexibility to pull or push hitched accessories
Dashboard mounted 12-volt outlet for power and recharging
Manual tilt 2-position cargo bed
Greater flexibility to lock heavy-duty plastic cargo bed in 2 tilt positions
Easy lock and durable hinge open gate for faster loading and unloading
Tight cornering with outstanding 9.5 ft. turning radius
Dashboard mounted engine run hours display
Occupant Compartment Brush Guard for branches and bushes
Front protection of vehicle and passengers
Addition steel protection attached to the front bumper
Improves stopping and control when foot is removed from gas pedal
Day or night high visibility 2 35 watt single beam headlights
Safe, reliable system for excellent stopping power
Easy reach, driver side mechanical hand pull activated lever
Safe and conveniently store away when not in use
Designed to get the job done with fuel level display on tank
Designed to get the job done and assist with tight cornering
Under vehicle lowest point to ground
Good traction rear 22/11 x8 w/4 hole rim, front 22/9 x 10 w/4 hole rim
Sturdy W 52.5" x L 104.5" - fits in pick-up truck
Wooden create H48" x W58" x L 95"
Carton pack vehicle is carefully wrapped and requires some assembly