New arrow regen air dryer model# RH204A1A1B1A1-reliable


Subject: New arrow regen air dryer model# RH204A1A1B1A1-reliable
New Heatless Dessicant Dryers/ ARROW REGEN DRYER
Twin tower regenerative dryers are the dryers of choice when traditional refrigerated dryers do not provide sufficient air quality demands. Arrows reliable RH heatless series dryer produces -40°F dewpoints and can be optimized to be as low as -100°F. The dryer utilizes activated alumina for efficient drying of compressed air.
* Fully automatic to provide the most efficient operation
* Panel mounted Gauges to monitor pressure
* Adjustable purge regulator for optimum dryer efficiency
* Indicator Lights that display tower operating status
* Reliable pneumatic valve operation
* Controlled repressurization to eliminate line surges and dessicant attrition.
* Removable stainless steel diffusers screens
* Nema 4X electrical construction
* Universal accepted 120V/1ph/60Hz
* Power on indicator to show dryer status
* Tower relief valves to prevent overpressurization.
* ASME coded and stamped pressure vessels.
* Microproccessor controls with LCD or PLC for controls.
* Control air line filter with replaceable element to protect pneumatic circuitry.
* Exhaust purge muffler for quiet operation
* Pressure alarm package that indicates failure to shift, failure to depressurize, failure to repressurize and failure to purge.
* Purge economizer (set purge rate based off of day and time)
* Moisture Indicator assembly