New andor ton DU940N-bv emccd spectroscopy camera


Subject: New andor ton DU940N-bv emccd spectroscopy camera
(Please note; camera may vary slightly in appearance to the above image).
The Andor Newton is ideally suited to high performance spectroscopic applications. The high resolution spectroscopic sensor combined with Andor Technologys low noise electronics, delivers up to 95% QE with both multi-Megahertz readout and USB connectivity.
The dual output amplifier allow software selection of either high sensitivity or high capacity modes of operation so that you can optimise the sensitivity and dynamic range of capacity the camera to suit the operating conditions encountered.
The camera utilises a 2048 x 512 array of 13.5 μm square pixels with thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C resulting in negligible dark current.
· Some minor cosmetic damage, performance sheets available on request.
· Available with one-year warranty.
High resolution rates achievable with low noise electronics
USB connection direct from back of camera no controller box required!
Min operating temperature of -100°C with TE cooling
Negligible dark current without the aggravation or safety concerns associated with LN2
Single window design incorporating UltraVacTM guaranteed hermetic vacuum seal technology.
Ultimate reliability and sustained lifetime performance characteristics with maximum photon throughput
Software selectable output for either high sensitivity mode (low noise) or high capacity mode
13.5 x 13.5 μm pixel size
Optimised pixel size for high dynamic range and resolution
Achieve highest possible spectral rates
Spec Sheet & Performance Sheet available on request.
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