New ams red bull drink snack machine very rare


Subject: New ams red bull drink snack machine very rare
Start selling popular products such as the high selling RED BULL and STARBUCKS coffees. This machine is made to vend these popular products. This machine is VERY RARE!!!
* Vends Red Bull cans, starbucks frapicinnos in a bottle and much much more!!
* Holds about 178 snack/candy
* Holds about 108 cans/bottles
* The machine is set up 4 chip pastry coils, 4 chip pastry, 8 candy cracker, 6 bottle can, 6 bottle can, 6 bottle can
* Comes with changer and validator
* It's a combination snack and cold berverage merchandiser.
* Expands your market to include single machine budgets.
* First in, first out product rotation
* 1/2 plus HP sealed refrigeration system with 3 YEAR WARRANTY with heated triplepane glass.
* Fully foamed in place with polyurethane insulation.
* Guaranteed product delivery.
* The entire machine has 90 day Warrenty on parts
* We stand behind our products so we are offering a 90 DAY WARRENTY on parts.... try to find that from other online sellers.
We have been in the vending business for 32 years so we have a lot of experience with vending machines. We guarentee this machine to be in great condtion. If you purchase this machine and ever have any questions or problems we will be there to answer your call.
Feel free to email me with any questions