New amerivacs amerivac gas purge vacuum sealer # avn-20


Subject: New amerivacs amerivac gas purge vacuum sealer # avn-20
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AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealer AVN-20 with Service Kit - NEW!
(Service Kit includes spare replacement parts, fittings, air and gas tubing.)
A cost-effective, fast and compact nitrogen
gas purge vacuum sealer that in less than
two cubic feet of space outperforms other sealers in its class!
AmeriVacS' AVN provides the best of both worlds... compact, portable design with outstanding gas-flush vacuum packaging performance. AmeriVacS' reputation for making durable, easy to use vacuum sealers continues in the AVN's heavy-duty design and foot pedal activation. With one press of the pedal it automatically flushes out oxygen and moisture with nitrogen, vacuums and then seals your sensitive electronic devices. IT'S THAT EASY! The AVN's performance will increase your productivity and it's low price will surprise you.
The AmeriVacS AVN comes with advanced safety features for your protection. It also comes with spare replacement parts. All connections are supplied for a quick and easy setup.
The AmeriVacS AVN was made to provide you with years of dependable service.
• Gas, Vacuum, Heat and Cool Timers
• Use with or without Gas Flush function
• Stainless Steel High Flow Retractable Vacuum Nozzle
• Works with all popular moisture barrier bag materials
• Spare parts, fittings, air and gas tubing included
• One year limited warranty
• Seal size: 20" length, 1/4" seal width
• Max. vacuum pressure: 25 inHg
• Air requirements: 5 CFM @85PSI
• Power requirements: 120 Volts AC, 6Amps (during heat cycle only)
• Unit size (in): 28" Length, 10" Width, 7" Height
• Approximate weight: 30 Lbs.
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