New agilent E9851A embedded controller (brand )


Subject: New agilent E9851A embedded controller (brand )
Agilent E9851A Embedded Controller
The Agilent E9851A is a C-size, 2-slot, message-based VXI embedded PC controller running Windows®NT 4.0 operating system. The E9851A can be enbedded in various Agilent VXI mainframes, including the E84XX series, E1401B or E1421B.
The E9851A 700 MHz Pentium® III uses Intel "Slot 1" architecture that allows the processor to be upgraded in the field. Standard features include a 6 GB Ultra DMA 33 (or better) hard drive/disk, a 3.5 inch 1.44 MB floppy drive, and 128 MB RAM standard memory that can be expanded to 384 MB using standard SODIMMs in two free sockets.
* 2-slot, C-size, message based
* 700 MHz Intel Pentium® III processor
* VXIplug&play compatible with Windows NT 4.0
* Upgrade memory using standard SODIMMs
* Not opened in sealed manufacturing packing
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