New active ipl hair removal laser photo rejuventation


Subject: New active ipl hair removal laser photo rejuventation
Hair Removal * Pigmentation * Vascular * Skin Rejuvenation * Acne
Active Photo Thermolysis IPL System
Lease rates starting at $625/mo
Geometrical Energy Management (GEM)
* Treatment very comfortable for the patient.
* High technology for comfortable, efficient hair removal.
* Fast treatment. Pulse repetition (3-4 sec)
* Maximum temperature applied on the skin 70 centigrade.
* Cost per pulse : 0.5-1 cent.
* Lamp guaranteed: 200.000 pulses
Single hand piece with broadband: 450-1100 nm
Size: Crystal: 26 x 32.5 “ x 16 “
Record: 27.5 x 28 “ x 62.5 with Stand
This is a brand new system, never used. Excellent results, no treatment pain, very low running cost.
This new IPL system is from Active Optical Systems, Ltd, a 26 year old laser manufacturer.
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