New aaron bovie 950 hyfrecator electrosurgical unit


Subject: New aaron bovie 950 hyfrecator electrosurgical unit
Introducing the Aaron 950, the first high-frequency desiccator with cut. You might call it a split personality. One half of the unit is a high frequency desiccator, out of the mold of our very popular Aaron 900. The other half is a Bovie generator, giving you 60 watts of cutting power and coag capabilities - plenty of power for LLETZ/LEEP or most any cutting procedure performed in the doctor's office.
Designed For Years of Trouble-Free Use
The Aaron 950 is designed and engineered to be the most reliable and durable generator available today. The unit's life is prolonged by incorporating the latest in chip technology and reducing the number of internal parts, thereby generating less internal heat. Unit cleanup is simplified by its non-absorbing, nonstaining, high-impact ABS enclosure.
* 5 disposable active electrodes
* 5 disposable dispersive electrodes
Options and accessories (sold separately):