New a&p hydraulics single system hydraulic test stand


Subject: New a&p hydraulics single system hydraulic test stand
Single System Hydraulic Test Stand
1. System Pressure Compensated Piston Pump
2. Auxiliary Low Flow Gear Pump
3. Static Hand Pump (10,000 PSI)
1. Complete Pressure and Flow Adjustment
2. Two Each Pressure & Return Ports
3. Test Quality, Mirror Dial Pressure Gauges for Exact Readings (1500 PSI & 6000 PSI .25% Accuracy) *Gauge Saver on 1500 PSI gauge
4. Supply Flow Meter (4% Accuracy)
5. Return Flow Flow Meter (4% Accuracy)
6. Safety Over Pressure Relief Valve
9. Return Back Pressure with By-Pass & Load Valve
1. Will Deliver 3 GPM @ 3500 PSI
* Manual 4-Way Directional Flow Control
Valve for Testing Cylinders
(Low Flow Meter for Testing Internal Leakage of Components .5 - 4 GPM Standard)
* Operational Warning Lights
1. Pressure Filter Condition
2. Return Filter Condition
* Three Stand Alone Pressure Gauges
Pressure Ranges Other Than the Two Main System Gauge
*Suggested Ranges 200 PSI, 1500 PSI, and 10,000 PSI
Over Pressure Gauge Saver On All Gauges
Automatic Oil Temperature Control
- Over Pressure Protection on all Pressure Gauges
- Over Head Work Sink Lights
- Safety Drip Pan Completely Covers Bottom
- Work Sink with Perforated Metal Grating
- 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
- Heavy Duty Swivel Castors with Floor Locks
- Work Sink Drain Pump 4 GPM
This is for a NEW Hydraulic Test Stand from A&P Hydraulics. This Hydraulic Test Stand will be made to order. If you need additional options other than the standard options listed above then please contact seller and we will gladly assist you. Seller: A&P Hydraulics. Tel: Fax: