New a&p hydraulics hydraulic test stand


Subject: New a&p hydraulics hydraulic test stand
* Stainless Steel Construction
* Test Quality, Mirror Dial, 6" Pressure Gauge ( Low & High Pressure)
* Over Pressure, Gauge Saver on 1500 PSI Gauge
* Safety Over Pressure Relief Valve
* Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge (10,000 PSI)
* Water to Oil Cooler with Temperature Control
* Manual 4-Way Directional Flow Control Valves
* Pressure Filter ( 3 Micron)
* Direct Reading High Pressure Flow Meter
* Swivel Castors with Floor Locks
This unit only includes the standard features that are listed above. If you need additional options then please contact seller and we will gladly assist you. Seller: A&P Hydraulics. Tel: Fax: