New GTWY10-2000 two person electrical work platform


Subject: New GTWY10-2000 two person electrical work platform
Item condition: Brand New in factory sealed box.
Two Person Electrical Work Platform
* These vertical personnel lifts consist of a work platform attached to an aluminum mast that extends vertically, which in turn is mounted on a steel base. This is a "push-around" machine which can be rolled in their retracted position through standard door openings, yet reach platform heights of up to 33 ft (10 m) when fully extended
1860*840*1900 mm73" x 33" x 74"
Must Have Forklift for Delivery
These machines are intended for level surface use. Do not use on inclined surfaces
Always use outriggers & Interlocks properly
Fall arresting devices and protection must be worn
OSHA Compliance Operator Training is required to safely operate this equipment.
All aerial lift standards require operators to read the operator's manual prior to use.
Always perform pre-start inspection. These can cover controls, safety devices, machine components, and warning signs and decals.
Operators must perform required pre-start inspections of the machine, as well as the workplace, in order to avoid possible unsafe conditions such as drop-offs, holes, bumps, floor obstructions, debris, overhead obstructions, inadequate surface support, and hazardous wind and weather conditions.
Operators must ensure the lift is handled within the limits set by the manufacturer
The safety of the operator as well as others depends on the actions of the operator; therefore, the operator must follow good safety practices accordingly
All future repairs and maintenance to be made by a qualified person using equivalent replacement parts
Always keep operator's manuals are on the machine
As with any piece of equipment, safety should be the primary concern. Remember every lift brand is different.
Each operator should familiarize themselves with that particular machine. If someone is not familiar, they should always refer to the operating manual provided.
Before each use, visually inspect the equipment. This inspection should include making sure parts are in proper working order, checking fluid levels, tire condition, proper tire inflation and the legibility of safety decals. It is equally important to survey the work area and adjacent space to gauge ground conditions and any overhead hazards such as power lines and hanging objects. Operators should also wear a safety harness while they are operating the machine. Each person who will operate the lift must understand the proper operation of the machine, its intended use and maintenance requirements.
Also understand any applicable aerial lift regulations.
You can find OSHA guidelines at this site. Information on ANSI rules is at this site.
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