New GILLETTE_85KW_NAT-gas_generator_water_cooled_


Subject: New GILLETTE_85KW_NAT-gas_generator_water_cooled_
Gillette Sentry Pro 85 KW Industrial Standby Generator (NEW)
SP Series: When normal power fails, SENTRY-PRO automatically starts and supplies emergency voltage to your selected loads through an automatic transfer switch. When normal power returns, the generator automatically shuts down and transfers the load from the generator power, back to normal power. The total operation is automatic, meaning no operator needs to be present.
Maximum KW @ Single Phase (LPG/NG): 85.0/ 80.0
Standby KW @ Single Phase (LPG/ NG): 76.0/ 74.0
Stanbby Amps @ 120 Volt (LPG/ NG): 634/ 616
Standby Amps @ 240 Volt (LPG/ NG): 317/ 308
Type: 8.1L General Motors Vortec
Engine Induction System: Naturally Aspirated
Engine HP Max Rating (LPG/ NG): 150hp/ 140hp
Engine Cubic In. Displ. (Liters): 496 (8)
Engine Lubrication: Full Pressure Oil Lubrication & additional Spin-off replacement oil filter
Fuel Use @100% Load (ft3./hr) LPG/NG: 425/ 1020
Engine Alternator Output: 70 Amps for charging w/ max amp output @ 12 Volts DC
All Models: +/-1% Voltage Regulation
Frequency (Speed): All Models +/- 1% frequency regulation w/ electronic governor system
Engine Cooling: Liquid cooling w/ pusher fan & 125F radiator
Protection Controls: Shutdown For: low oil, high-temp, overspeed, overcrank
Sentinel 111: Digital Controller, programmable microprocessor, LCD metering of generatot & engine functions
"Kleen Power": All Models: Max of 4% distortion on generated Sine Wave
Motor Start (LPG/ NG): 50hp/ 48hp
Batteries Requires: 12 VDC, 840 CCA, 70 Amp/hr
(LP/ Natural Gas) 85KW Standby Generator: SP-850 Features:
• CONTROL PANEL: Large and spacious for easier installation connections. Panel door is lockable.
• MICROPROCESSOR: This digital controller monitors normal utility power constantly.
• HOUSING: Rust proofed steel enclosure with weather and sound protection, easy service access.
• MUFFLER: Mufflers are used for additional silencing.
• INTERIOR AIR DUCTS: Clean fresh air is ducted into the housing.
Please email with any question before making purchase by calling Larry @ . This item is located north of Fort Worth Texas...