New 800CFM dryer skid, , w/ receiver, filters, aftercool


Subject: New 800CFM dryer skid, , w/ receiver, filters, aftercool
800CFM DRYER SKID, NEW, W/ RECEIVER, FILTERS, AFTERCOOLER AND SEPARATOR. This heatless, dual tower desiccant dryer is for air compressors up to 800 cfm (at 100 psig and 100F) and up to 150 psig. This package (there are 2 available) was built for a Utility Power Plant as reserve capacity and never used. New, this dryer alone sells for $12,800. The complete skid would cost over $20,000 to purchase new. We will guarantee satisfactory operation. Please contact us at TurboGen for more details or email if you are not sure about your conditions. For a larger capacity desiccant dryer, please contact us. We have coalescing prefilters and particulate afterfilters available if needed. If this size is not right for your application, we have a smaller capacity dryers. If you need refrigerated dryer for moderate low dewpoints or desiccant type dryer for extra low dewpoints, email us at , or call TurboGen at . We carry complete line of filters and drain valves to compliment your air compressor and dryer installation. We specialize in rotating (centrifugal and screw type) compressors (for air and process gasses) and their auxiliaries. Used Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand Centac, Sullair, Joy and others. Warranty is available on all new equipment and most used/surplus equipment. More pictures and details are available; please just ask!