New 8' hiniker reversible c plow snow plow mount incl.


Subject: New 8' hiniker reversible c plow snow plow mount incl.
New 8' Hiniker High Performance Poly C-Plow Model 8801
Hiniker 8000 Series Reversible C-Plow
The Hiniker 8000 Series C-Plow offers all of the heavy-duty performance of the 7000 Series conventional plow plus the added versatility of a high-performance backdrag plow. Plow loading docks, residential driveways, and congested parking areas faster than ever. The patented Hiniker C-Plow blade actually converts from a conventional plow into a backdrag plow with the push of a button, letting you remove snow quickly and easily from garage aprons, curbs, loading docks, and tight corners. Then touch a button again to flip the blade upright and push the snow away.
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Full-featured conventional plowing with the C-Plow in push position.
C-Plow in pull position makes backdragging driveways a breeze.
An amazing time-saver in parking lots and loading docks.
* Weight net of truck-mounted hardware.
The Hiniker Quick-Hitch is the fastest plow mounting system available. The self-aligning drive-in mount lets you connect your Hiniker plow in seconds. This eliminates manually lifting, pushing and pulling the plow into place.
* Drive truck forks into plow receiver
* Pull lever to lock plow to truck & raise stand
* Plug in connections & you're ready to roll!
Reverse the process to disconnect the entire plow assembly just as quickly, leaving it ready for the next snow. Because Hiniker makes it so easy to disconnect your plow, you'll save weight and wear on your truck when the plow is not needed.
Includes all wiring and vehicle mounts for :
1980 - current Ford 4x4 -F250, F350, F450, F550
1973 - Current Chevy 4x4 - 1500, 2500, 3500
1994 - 2005* Dodge 4x4 - 1500, 2500, 3500
*Others Available, Contact us for more information
The 9' version of the C-Plow is also available.
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