New 5MM x 100MM gold solid-state laser cavity reflector


Subject: New 5MM x 100MM gold solid-state laser cavity reflector
A "Cavity Reflector" lines a pump chamber with a highly relective material thus dramatically improving the laser efficiency capturing stray flashlamp/arclamp energy and redirecting it to the solid-state laser rod. A metalic-type cavity reflector adds the benefit of acting as an arclamp trigger plate allowing for external triggering of an arclamp.
Pump chambers designed for high-energy and/or continuous service (CW or multiple-pulses/second) require liquid cooling. In such designs, the choice of cavity reflector materials becomes very narrow. 316L (medical grade) stainless steel is the primary choice of materials for metalic cavity reflectors due to its durability in DI (de-ionized) water, and highly reflective surface.
Unfortunately, 316L stainless steel is a very difficult material to work with - difficult to machine and shape. Laser pump chambers and reflection physics require a specific shape to be effective, which requires careful design and creation of the die in order to properly cast the reflector halves. It requires 12 polishing steps from 50 grit to mirror finish, which requires hours of intense labor.
This cavity reflector was activated for gold plating and a heavy coat of 24k gold was applied to the reflecting surfaces. Gold plating increases the reflector efficiency by 20% since gold is much more reflective to IR (e.g. 808nm) than polished 316L stainless steel.
The reflector package has everything you see in the picture. It includes the two reflector halves made from 18 guage 316L stainless and two end reflectors made from 11 guage 316L stainless. The inside reflective surfaces of each piece is brought to a mirror finish, perfect for air-cooled or liquid-cooled laser pump chambers.
Contact us if you need advise on this or any other solid-state device or concept. We carry a full line of laser pump chambers and cavity reflectors for our 3kW series of laser pump chambers including the non-plated 3mm x 50mm system, 6mm x 76mm system and 5mm x 100mm CW system and the gold-plated 3mm x 50mm system, 6mm x 76mm system and 5mm x 100mm CW system.