New 40 watt mid-size laser engraving engraver machine


Subject: New 40 watt mid-size laser engraving engraver machine
Work area size: 280MM*400MM (11"x16")
Machine dimensions: (CM) 96*66*29 (38"x26"x12" inches)
Laser tube type: CO2 Sealed glass
Windows Compatible English Software Furnished (requires pc hookup)
Very Compatible with Corel Draw
Internal Table adjusts up and down 65mm (2.5 inches)
Image form: hpgl, bmp, tif, jpg
Warranty 12 Months on machine (3 months on laser)
This is the next logical step up for those wanting a larger work area. This machine operates with windows friendly software and has unequaled company support in the imported laser industry.
1yr Manufacturer Warranty on Laser Engravers
All warranty issues will be handled via A4dable Woodworking Equipment in coordination with
the manufacturer's warranty policies.
If you experience a problem or have any questions please complete the following steps:
Document the issue and take pictures or screenshots if possible
Email documentation to us as listed in your literature.
We will respond within 48 hrs.
Please allow up to 15 - 25 days for delivery.