New 4" probe station bare, no scope manipulators tips


Subject: New 4" probe station bare, no scope manipulators tips
MINI Probe Station, bare, for use with 4" or smaller wafers, no microscope, illumination or micropositioners etc. Supply your own stereo zoom scope, manipulators, probe holders and tips.
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This Probe Station is intended for academic research in a university lab. It will be equally well suited for any situation with space and/or budget constraints. While small it still offers most of the capabilities of larger units.
* Compact size, 320 wide x 320 deep x 400 mm high (12.5" x 12.5" x 16"), that includes the scope
* Ideal for small wafers, 4" or less
* Chuck stage front and side adjustable
Close-up view of chuck area, showing X-Y and theta adjustments.
* 4" stainless steel vacuum chuck
* Chuck stage allows 3" x 3" travel in X-Y directions
* Chuck theta is adjustable by 30 degrees
* Left and right platen allow placement of up to 6 manipulators
* Footprint: 320 x 320 mm (12.6" x 12.6")
* Height with scope installed: 460 mm or 18.1"
* Net weight of base: 17 kg or 38 lbs
* 1 year manufacturer warranty
Please supply diameter of support post for scope attachment you do intend to use.
Specification for Stereo Zoom microscope as supplied by manufacturer, for information only, not included:
* 14X - 90X total magnification
* 110 VAC - 60 Hz main outlet
* 7 liter/min 250 mmHg vacuum supply
* Chuck Stage: Push to Position
* Chuck Stage: Vacuum assisted movement
* Microscope tilting mechanism +
* Quick right angle switchover
* Adapter for Light Intensity / Wave Length measurement
* Low current / capacitance probes
* Holder for Packaged Devices
* Instrument case with caster
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This is a new part and comes with full manufacturers warranty.
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For other countries please look at International Orders for additional information.
* 1 x Probe Station base unit only