New 3STN quickservice pos point of sale system with boc


Subject: New 3STN quickservice pos point of sale system with boc
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New Quickservice POS System in Unopened Boxes
Don't trust your business to used equipment
* 3 NEW 15" LCD touchscreens (1 year unit/ 5 year touchscreen manufacturer's warranty)
* 1 NEW 15" LCD monitor for back-office computer (1 year Dell onsite warranty)
* 4 NEW 2.53 GHz Dell computers with Windows XP, 256 MB RAM, CD-RW, and 80 GB harddrive (1 year Dell onsite warranty)
* 3 NEW Epson TM-T88 IV thermal printers with auto-cut receipt (2 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 1 NEW Epson TM-U220 kitchen printer, auto-cut (2 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 3 NEW APG Vasario cash drawers (2 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 3 NEW Logic Controls PD-3000 pole displays (1 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 4 NEW Aldelo For Restaurants (formerly NextPOS) licenses 30 days of free software support included.
* Add Magtek Mini USB MSR card readers - $80 each
* Add more Epson TM-U220 kitchen printers - $285 each
* Kitchen display screens are also available instead of or in addition to kitchen printers - call for details
If you are interested in any of these options please call us at or .
Aldelo For Restaurants (formerly NextPOS)
Click here to download an Aldelo demo (44 MB).
For security purposes each employee can access the system with either a password or with an employee card, with the addition of a card reader
* Employee permissions determine which functions each employee can or can't do
* Protect sensitive information
* Keep employees from stealing your hard earned dollars
You won't have to add it up manually anymore. Reports will tell overtime, labor hours, gross pay, and even keep track of tips if you would like.
* Multiple Job Codes may be set up for each employee.
* When the employee clocks in, they will be able to select which job they are working during that shift.
* Employees may only select to work job codes assigned to them. For example, if Bob only has job codes CASHIER and JANITOR assigned to him, he may not log in as a COOK.
* Layout your restaurant exactly the way it looks.
* Skip this option for Fast food restaurants.
Fully automate your inventory tracking, the smarter way!
Example... You sell a happy meal. When you do, the system takes out of your inventory the burger, bun, cheese, ketchup, pickle, fries, soda, cup, lid, box, and the happy meal toy. You have a reorder level of 25 burger patties, and you are now down to 24. You go to the purchase order screen and the system will create a purchase order for your burger supplier with all of the items that you receive from them that are below the reorder level. Use the inventory system if you would like, or keep track the old fashioned way, or use a bit of both systems. Aldelo will work with you.
100% Multilingual & Internationalized
Are you running an ethnic restaurant, and have staff that don't speak 100% English? Not located within the United States, and need to display the software interfaces with a language other than English? No problem! Aldelo For Restaurants is 100% multi-lingual, and it will show the screen interfaces in your staff's preferred language. Aldelo For Restaurants currently supports 100% multi-lingual operation at POS & Back Office with English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. What's more, Aldelo For Restaurants can also be configured so that it will send the order to the kitchen or bar in a different language than the guest receipt! There is also default global language setting and follow me language display technology to further enhance multilingual operation. Additionally, our software solution is also internationalized. It is able to handle your regional specific currency symbols, date and time formats, decimal symbols, and others.
With Aldelo For Restaurants software solution's operation simplicity and ease of use, your employee high turnover rate will be a concern of the past! Aldelo For Restaurants software solution allows you to train your new employees faster with less time and money spent. With 100% touch screen operated point of sales, super easy to follow screen layouts, and the simplicity of Windows based interface, your wait staff will be able to use the software in a matter of minutes, rather than days! Best of all, there is no prior computer knowledge required from your wait staff. And of course, our software does not use those awkward product codes, so your staff is not required to memorize them. A big time saver over those older POS systems that do require you to memorize them!
Your Total POS & Management Solution
Whether your current restaurant system is paper based or another POS software solution, Aldelo For Restaurants software is the ideal software to replace your current system, and give you much better control and efficiency! Aldelo For Restaurants software solution will save you both time and money by improving your restaurant operations. If you have ever been serious about increasing your restaurant's efficiency & profitability, then seriously consider using Aldelo For Restaurants software solution for your establishment. Aldelo For Restaurants software is state of the art Windows based touch operated restaurant solution. It is affordable, easy to use, feature rich, 100% touch operated point of sales, and 100% multi-lingual. Aldelo For Restaurants is the only restaurant software solution that you will need for now and for the future!
* Basic Point of Sale Features
* Numerous features & capabilities to save you time & money
* Remote kitchen & bar printer support
* Up to 6 kitchen department & 1 bar department
* Remote order packaging printer support
* Better coordination for your carry out packager when you have volume carry out business
* Touch Screen Based Order Entry
* Designed especially for touch screen & light pen operations
* Ability to scan UPC barcode information in our special Barcode Order Entry screen. It's fast & easy
* Dine In Order Type Support
* Table selection & guest count tracking now is easier than ever
* Visual Table Layout Support
* Ability to let you design your on screen table layout similar to your physical layout. Layout is provided on a 7 by 9 button grid, with unused table buttons invisible
* View your occupied table, need to clear table, available table, table served time, and other information directly from table layout screen. You can also define table attributes such as near windows, smoking section, private seating, booth, maximum seating capacity, hibachi table, and more.
* Open & assign new order to a specific server without know that server's access code. Plus auto-refreshing table layout so that hostess will get an accurate picture of the dining room status
* Flexible Menu Item Pricing Support
* Allow you to specify different menu item prices for each of the order types. For example, your New York Steak for dine in may be $10.00, while take out is $11.00, and delivery could be defined as $15.00
* Super Easy To Use Pizza Builder Screen
* We make the complex ordering of pizza much easier
* You can specify crust type & toppings
* You can have different topping prices per pizza size
* You can have proportioned pizza topping prices
* You can have whole, halves, thirds, or fourths of pizza topping specification
* You can do Double or Triple of pizza toppings
* Popup Forced Modifier Screens
* Up to seven layers of forced modifers automatically pops up when the menu item is touched
* Your complex menu item ordering is now easier than ever
* One Touch Order Split & Combine
* Visual order split & combine for easier operation
* Direct Recall of Another Open Order From within Order Entry Screen
* Especially helpful for fast food restaurants
* You can recall an open order directly from within the order entry screen. Any changes to the current order is saved but not sent to the kitchen or bar
* This capability allows you to switch between different orders on the fly
* Bar Tab Order Type Support
* Take Out Order Type Support
* One Touch Order Duplication
* Delayed Send Order Notification
* Option to automatically send the on hold order or item to the kitchen or bar when the predefined "Hold Until Time" arrives
* Option to immediately send the on hold order or item to the kitchen or bar with the due time specified on the receipt
* Order, Item, & Cash Discounts Capability
* Discount by order, by item, and by cash amount. Our discounts are flexible enough to meet your business requirements
* Drive Thru Order Type Support
* One click access to order entry screen or simply choose to stay within the order entry screen at all times
* Drive Thru Completion Timing
* Delivery Order Type Support
* Advanced delivery tracking & dispatching starts here
* Review delivery destination remarks, address, and more
* Delivery Map Code Lookup Support
* Easily find out the map code of your destination (Requires map code data entry)
* Delivery Visual Map Display Interface
* See the visual map with the click of a button (Requires Microsoft Mappoint or Streets & Trips 2001 software)
* Delivery Driver Departure & Arrival Tracking
* Complete control over your delivery driver dispatching
* Find out how long the driver has gone with the delivery
* Delivery Driver Money Drop Support
* Pay all of the driver's arrived orders in one shot to either his/her staff bank or the cashier
* No longer will the driver need to pay each order individually
* Delivery Driver Timing Support
* Track how long your driver is taking per delivery trip
* Complete control over your frequent diner reward program
* Specify frequent diner points expiration days
* Support for Magnetic Swipe Card
* In House Charge Account Program
* Complete control over your in house charge account program
* Ability to specify "Due Upon Receipt" if you do not wish to assign a specific due date
* Ability to specify account maximum charge limit and expiration date
* Support for Magnetic Swipe Card
* Bad Check Tracking Support
* Prevent recurring bad checks at your restaurant
* Verify bad check by account number and driver license number
* Employee Time Card Tracking Support
* Better employee time card control to save you money
* Enforce employee clock in with easy to use scheduling functionality
* Popup clock out reminder
* Employee Staff (Server) Bank Support
* Allow each employee be their own cashier, then turn all their money owed to the restaurant at the end of their shift
* Easy to read shift end report
* All money collected by the employee are accounted for
* Internal Email Communicator Support
* Better collaboration tool for use between your staff
* Send notes to all or specific fellow employees
* Reduces your paper trail
* Gift Certificate Management
* Complete control over your gift certificate & gift card management needs
* Magnetic Swipe Card recognition to support gift cards
* Automatic tracking of remaining balance
* Central Gift Certificate issuing, tracking, & redemption ready (Requires the Aldelo Central Gift Certificate Server)
* Video Surveillance Snapshot Support
* Monitor your critical activities such as refund, no sale, access denied, and others
* Takes snapshot picture of the triggered event and store it for you for later review
* Works with any inexpensive WebCAM camera (If it works with MS Netmeeting, then it should work with our software)
* Cash Register Functionalities
* Track your money trail with accountability
* Know which cashier is short and over
* Refunds, Voids, Pay Outs, & Manager Cash Outs
* Full suite of functionalities to complement your cash register operations
* Runs on Windows 98SE, W2K, XP
* 100% Touch Screen Operated Point of Sales
* Super easy to use screen layouts
* Your wait staff do not need prior computer knowledge
* Open Database Architecture
* Based on the popular Microsoft Jet 3.51 Database Engine
* Ability to create your own custom reports with external reporting software such as Crystal Reports (Separate Programming Required)
* Database is compatible with Microsoft Access 97
* Peer To Peer Windows Networking Support
* Saves you the cost of expensive dedicated database server and the server operating system
* Easy to setup and maintain
* Advanced Caller ID Interface
* You can see the caller information and last order before you even pickup the telephone
* Advanced support with YES-TELE caller ID box that will support up to 8 caller ID telephone lines. Giving you up to 8 line caller ID monitoring from each of the computers.
* For single line caller ID monitoring, we also support the popular US Robotics Internal 56K Caller ID Capable WinModem
* Support For Various Point of Sale Peripherals
* Various Point of Sale Printers
* Various Touch Screen Monitors & LCDs
* Various Keyboard Interface Barcode Scanners
* Various Keyboard Interface MSR/MICR Readers
* 30 Days of Free Telephone and Email Support
* Helping you getting started fast
* Basic Back Office Features
* Easy to use Back Office setup, activities, and maintenance screens
* Numerous capabilities to let you get started fast
* Compact database support directly from software
* Backup database support directly from software
* Third party software links accessed directly from the back office
* Easy to use data source selection
* Automatic database repair capability
* Ability to export any 8x11 reports to ASCII Tab Delimited Text File format, and can be opened by MS Excel spreadsheet program for further processing
* Separate free utility (Aldelo Database Manager Utility) to allow you to purge test orders from the live database and reindex the order sequence afterwards. Allowing you to have accurate database information at any time. You will no longer need to worry about accidently training your new employee on your live database, and wonder what to do with those training orders
* Inventory Management Support
* Physical inventory count capability
* Menu item recipe definition
* Inventory depletion based on sales
* Inventory shopping list triggered by inventory level falling below pre-defined threshold
* Inventory usage forecast capability
* Inventory usage versus food sales report
* Inventory depletion details report
* Inventory recipe & profitablity review report
* Other inventory & food costing report
* Monitor inventory level capability
* Create, review, & edit purchase orders
* Track historical inventory purchase cost when using purchase orders
* Define inventory items with UPC barcode association
* Download inventory scan file to the software
* And many other related inventory capabilities
* Employee Payroll Preparation Report
* Speed up your payroll process with our payroll preparation report, it calculates all your important payroll information, except the payroll taxes of course!
* Calculates regular hours and over time hours
* Spend less time doing payroll now
* Numerous reports to present your overall restaurant operation results
* Know more about your restaurant and be more competitive
* Know what menu item is selling & what is not
* Ability to use Crystal Reports software to generate your own custom reports (Requires Crystal Reports software separately, and a little database knowledge!)
* 100% Multilingual POS & Back Office Screen Interface
* Supports English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, & Simplified Chinese
* All screen interfaces from the POS to the Back Office could show in any of the supported languages (Some system level message boxes may show in English)
* Auto language switching technolgy, all supported languages are inclusive in the same software product
* Runs on 32-Bit English Windows with Chinese Environment Software (For Chinese Language Display On English Windows)
* Runs on 32-Bit Localized Versions of Simplified and Traditional Windows operating systems
* Primary & secondary menu item & menu modifier names, allowing you to configure your kitchen/bar copy as flexible as you like for multilingual kitchen departments
* Extra large font printing support for kitchen/bar copies
* Allow you to enter any foreign language menu item names in our software
* Custom Selection of Display Font Name & Characterset Per Language
* Allow you to specify your choice of font for your specific language
* Follow Me Language Display Technology
* Your preferred language follows you
* View the screen interface in language of your choice automatically (Supported Language Only)
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We have successfully configured and installed systems in everything from clubs selling $30,000 in one night, to small "Mom & Pop" shops.
We can add items to this system to make it complete for you:
* Aldelo (formerly NextPOS) Software