New 30KW cummins diesel generator genset military


Subject: New 30KW cummins diesel generator genset military
Huge World War II Military DC Generator with Cummins Diesel Engine
The reserve is set at a very reasonable amount for this much history and heavy iron.
This thing is about 6ft long and weighs more than 4000lbs. It is seriously heavy duty.
Engine is a 6cyl Cummins Diesel built in about 1940. Engine is preserved and has not been run since it was tested at the factory. I pulled the valve cover and everything looks to be in good condition.
I have not test run this engine as I did not want to distrub the original preservation.
Starter is 32v so you will need several batteries hooked up in parallel.
I'm guessing the engine size is about the same as the 5.9L that they put in trucks.
Generally the military is very conservative on their ratings so I would expect that this gen will put out at least 45 - 50,000 watts of power
Voltage is 120v and it looks to be DC
Included are a spare cylinder head and some other misc parts. I also have some docs and manuals that I will give you a copy of. I have two of these gens but I am going to keep one of them for myself.
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