New 3 station byoc touchscreen restaurant pos system


Subject: New 3 station byoc touchscreen restaurant pos system
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New Restaurant POS System in Unopened Boxes
Don't trust your business to used equipment
* 3 NEW 15" LCD touchscreens (1 year unit/ 5 year touchscreen manufacturer's warranty)
* 3 NEW Epson TM-T88 IV thermal printers with auto-cut receipt (2 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 1 NEW Epson TM-U220 kitchen printer, auto-cut (2 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 1 NEW APG Vasario cash drawer (2 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 1 NEW Aldelo For Restaurants (formerly NextPOS) licenses 30 days of free software support included.
* Add Magtek Mini USB MSR card readers - $80 each
* Add more Epson TM-U220 kitchen printers - $285 each
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Aldelo For Restaurants (formerly NextPOS)
Click here to download an Aldelo demo (44 MB).
For security purposes each employee can access the system with either a password or with an employee card, with the addition of a card reader
* Employee permissions determine which functions each employee can or can't do
* Protect sensitive information
* Keep employees from stealing your hard earned dollars
You won't have to add it up manually anymore. Reports will tell overtime, labor hours, gross pay, and even keep track of tips if you would like.
* Multiple Job Codes may be set up for each employee.
* When the employee clocks in, they will be able to select which job they are working during that shift.
* Employees may only select to work job codes assigned to them. For example, if Bob only has job codes CASHIER and JANITOR assigned to him, he may not log in as a COOK.
* Layout your restaurant exactly the way it looks.
* Skip this option for Fast food restaurants.
Fully automate your inventory tracking, the smarter way!
Example... You sell a happy meal. When you do, the system takes out of your inventory the burger, bun, cheese, ketchup, pickle, fries, soda, cup, lid, box, and the happy meal toy. You have a reorder level of 25 burger patties, and you are now down to 24. You go to the purchase order screen and the system will create a purchase order for your burger supplier with all of the items that you receive from them that are below the reorder level. Use the inventory system if you would like, or keep track the old fashioned way, or use a bit of both systems. Aldelo will work with you.
100% Multilingual & Internationalized
Are you running an ethnic restaurant, and have staff that don't speak 100% English? Not located within the United States, and need to display the software interfaces with a language other than English? No problem! Aldelo For Restaurants is 100% multi-lingual, and it will show the screen interfaces in your staff's preferred language. Aldelo For Restaurants currently supports 100% multi-lingual operation at POS & Back Office with English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. What's more, Aldelo For Restaurants can also be configured so that it will send the order to the kitchen or bar in a different language than the guest receipt! There is also default global language setting and follow me language display technology to further enhance multilingual operation. Additionally, our software solution is also internationalized. It is able to handle your regional specific currency symbols, date and time formats, decimal symbols, and others.
With Aldelo For Restaurants software solution's operation simplicity and ease of use, your employee high turnover rate will be a concern of the past! Aldelo For Restaurants software solution allows you to train your new employees faster with less time and money spent. With 100% touch screen operated point of sales, super easy to follow screen layouts, and the simplicity of Windows based interface, your wait staff will be able to use the software in a matter of minutes, rather than days! Best of all, there is no prior computer knowledge required from your wait staff. And of course, our software does not use those awkward product codes, so your staff is not required to memorize them. A big time saver over those older POS systems that do require you to memorize them!
Your Total POS & Management Solution
Whether your current restaurant system is paper based or another POS software solution, Aldelo For Restaurants software is the ideal software to replace your current system, and give you much better control and efficiency! Aldelo For Restaurants software solution will save you both time and money by improving your restaurant operations. If you have ever been serious about increasing your restaurant's efficiency & profitability, then seriously consider using Aldelo For Restaurants software solution for your establishment. Aldelo For Restaurants software is state of the art Windows based touch operated restaurant solution. It is affordable, easy to use, feature rich, 100% touch operated point of sales, and 100% multi-lingual. Aldelo For Restaurants is the only restaurant software solution that you will need for now and for the future!
Quick Service & Delivery Features
* Designed for Touch Screen Invoicing
* Separate Department and Item Selection
* Passwords on Voided or Discounted Sales
* Exportable Report Information
* Unlimited Department, Item and Modifier Content
* Handles Unlimited Multiple Remote Printers
* Ability to Recall Reports from Any Given Day
* Food Cost and Use Reporting
* Multilevel Password Protection
* Prints Reports to Screen, Printer
* Detailed Profitability Reports
* Microsoft Access Compatible
* Table Layout for Quick Table selection
* Table Diagram - Design where tables are located
* Automatic Server and Table Number Prompting
* Dining Room Table Management
* Quick Table selection prompting
* User Definable remote printing
* On Screen Keyboard for Special Instructions
* Bulletproof on the Network
* User Definable Touch Screen
* Daily Specials (i.e. Happy Hour Specials)
* Order Filling Screen for Kitchen Monitor
* Employee Card Swipe Support
* Attractive Receipt Printing
* Invoice Notes for Delivery
* To-Go Order Status settings
* Print Extra Order to printer
* Prints To Stay, To Go or Delivery on remote printer
* Customizable and colorful touch screen
* Supports pictures in buttons
Click here for a printable version.
We have successfully configured and installed systems in everything from clubs selling $30,000 in one night, to small "Mom & Pop" shops.
We can add items to this system to make it complete for you:
* Aldelo (formerly NextPOS) Software