New 27 triple head candy gumball vending machine lk


Subject: New 27 triple head candy gumball vending machine lk
27 Triple Head candy gumball vending machine lk new NR
* Tamper resistant metal lid
* Tamper free metal chute doors
* Recessed, tamper-proof high security "bullet-lock" system
* Vends up to 1" gumballs, toys, etc
* Interchangeable canisters (includes extra canisters)
* High impact, shatter proof poly carbonate canisters
* Steel anti-jam coin mechanism with slug diverter
* Solid color (red, green), scratch resistant body
* Sunscreen covers (optional accessory)
Below are details from 1-800
*Gross revenue when emptied. Machines are adjustable. Product cost is approximately $30-$40 based on filling entire machine with three popular name brand candies purchased at Sam's Club as of 12/01/06.
Our machine can command significantly more revenue and can almost always instantly capture better locations with higher weekly payouts.
The only limit to your income is the number of machines you have out working for you every day. (See 1.800.VENDING Calculator Below)
First, enter in the number of vending machines you will have working for you.
Then enter how many days on average you think they'll take to empty in
good, high-traffic locations - then click on Calculate to see your potential gross revenue.
Or see IMAGE 6 for a sample calculation
Painted Metal Machine Problem #1
Problem #1 Solved With 1.800.VENDING Machine
INSIDE Paint Corrodes & Contaminates Product
Shatterproof Polycarbonate Globes
At 1.800.VENDING, your product is safe with us. We've mastered the art of "metal where you need it and polycarbonate where you want it". The high-impact, shatter-proof, polycarbonate Interchangeable Canisters that hold your candy are made of the finest materials. 1.800.VENDING machines also use the right materials for the candy wheel and optional spill tray. For numerous reasons, you don't want these parts to be painted metal either.
Painted Metal Machine Problem #2
Problem #2 Solved With 1.800.VENDING Machine
Incredible Ability To Attract Heat - Melts Candy
1.800.VENDING's Durable Body Doesn't Absorb Heat
Referred to as the "easy-bake oven", painted metal machines have an incredible ability to attract heat. In fact, this problem of "melted" product and what to do in "severe cases" is even addressed in the operator's manuals of these vending machines. If you live anywhere near the red area on the map below, it is strongly recommended you don't use this kind of vending machine.
Place the 1.800.VENDING machine with confidence - anywhere in the country - hot or cold. The heat-resistant, solid color, durable body by 1.800.VENDING does not absorb heat whatsoever.
Painted Metal Machine Problem #3
Problem #3 Solved With 1.800.VENDING Machine
Slide-In Candy Dividers = "Product Bleed"
1.800.VENDING's Individual Interchangeable Canisters
The whole top part of these machines is one big open space - with no separate containers for each product. The only thing that separates your product are extremely thin, tin dividers that "slide down" in between your candies. With the movement of just a few vends, these dividers work their way up - causing product to "bleed" or "merge" together. The result: M&M's come out with Hot Tamales - not a good combination.
1.800.VENDING's machines only carry our Individual Interchangeable Canisters. Your candies are placed in separate, high-impact, shatter-proof polycarbonate canisters. No product bleed, no candy merging, no paint chips.
Painted Metal Machine Problem #4
Problem #4 Solved With 1.800.VENDING Machine
Weighs In At 100 lbs. - Extremely Heavy
Painted metal machines are extremely heavy with their "Hercules", "Chrome" or "Cast Iron" stands - weighing over 65 lbs EMPTY. When filled with product, they weigh in at a scary 100 lbs+. That's not only hard to lug around - it's not safe, period.
Painted Metal Machine Problem #5
Problem #5 Solved With 1.800.VENDING Machine
OUTSIDE Paint Scratches, Chips & Rusts
Solid Color, Scratch Resistant Durable Body
As if painted metal on the inside of these machines isn't bad enough, an all-metal body with a "powder coat" finish is a lot of paint that scratches, chips, and rusts. Ever seen a car that's been scratched with a key? Ever seen it a year later? That's how your machines will look.
Enjoy the maintenance-free, solid color, scratch resistant durable body by 1.800.VENDING. There is no paint chipping or paint scratching on these vending machines. Because the color is infused into the body, your vending machine will always look new.
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Service Tote (not included) Holds Up To 8 Extra Canisters
Traditional vending machines are all the same. You have to guess at what two or three candies will sell the best and you pour those candies into your machine. Then you go back every month or two and dump in more candy accepting whatever money may have come through during that time. There is no way for you to customize or optimize your route. We sympathize with our angry competitors who hate us for our Interchangeable Canister System - but we just can't stomach the thought of all the headaches & lost revenue you'll incur with their machines.
Without trying different candies, you will never know what will sell best in any particular location. Peanut M&M's may outsell Plain M&M's 2 to 1 in one location. Yet right next door, Plain M&M's will outsell Peanut M&M's. Having unsold candies sitting in a machine month after month means not only slow cash flow, but lost revenue as the candy goes stale and has to be thrown away.
Our Interchangeable Canister System allows you to take the guesswork out of candy selection. You no longer have to settle for your best guess. Step 1: Start off with three popular candies. Collect money from your machine 2-3 weeks later and jot down how much each candy selection generated for you (we give you the tracking forms). Step 2: Pop those three canisters off and pop on canisters with three new candies. Having your Service Tote in your vehicle with extra canisters makes this a breeze (your Service Tote - with extra canisters - stays in your car with a protective lid on top).
Collect the money again after 2-3 more weeks and jot down how much you made from this second batch of candy. Step 3: Exchange candies again popping on canisters with three new candies. Give those candies 2-3 weeks and collect the money again. Jot down how much you made. You now have income information on nine candies. Simply pick the three that made you the most money and now you have the optimal combination for that location.
Do this in each location during your first 60 days and you will be amazed at the results. You will know - without any doubt - which candy choices are going to put the most money in your pocket the very quickest. You have taken control of your business and taken the guesswork out of it.
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