New 25HP curtis rotary screw air compressor


Subject: New 25HP curtis rotary screw air compressor
This is a Curtis Toledo 25hp rotary screw industrial air compressor. It is 3 phase 208/230/460 motor. Made in St. Louis Mo. since 1854 (151 years). It has a std two year warrenty or a 5 year with service agreement. It has a 125psi std. operating pressure. It delivers 108cfm @ 100psi. We have sold many of these over the years to body shops, small factories, machine shops, and large mechanic shops. They have proven over the years to be one of the most reliable and trouble free compressors ever designed. If you have any Questions please feel free to give us a call @
SINCE 1854 CURTIS has been synonymous with quality products and service. Curtis continues this tradition with the R/S Series Rotary Screw line.
OPEN DESIGN OR ACOUSTICAL ENCLOSURE - Depending on your preference, Curtis offers high quality optional enclosures. Metal cabinet is lined with oil resistant sound-proof padding. Durable powder coated finish ensures your Curtis compressor will look great many years down the road. Removable lid and service access doors provide for easy maintenance.
BASE OR TANK MOUNTED - For your convenience, Curtis offers both configurations to meet your installation requirements. ASME tank mounted units can also offer reduced system floor space.
AIR OR WATERCOOLED - If ambient temperature could be excessive consider our watercooled package. Curtis offers both air and watercooled designs to meet most applications.
For proven maximum energy savings Curtis offers on line-off line or start-stop control with delay off timer. Optional modulation may also be added (Modulation is standard on 25 HP+). During unload cycle sump drops to low pressure resulting in an additional 10-12% electrical savings over conventional sytems when in idle mode.
Display includes discharge and sump pressure gauges, temperature gauge, hour meter, dual high air/oil shutdown switches with light, start-stop/reset buttons, dual control switch, no load start switch, standby light, and power-on light.
All Curtis Air Ends are manufactured to ISO 9001 Certification and are built for 100% duty cycle. Zero wear Curtis rotors run in an oil bath and have no metal to metal contact. In most cases, our rotors and bearings are larger by horsepower range than competitive units.
With substantially reduced fittings along with high quality steel tubing and o-ring sealed hydraulic connections, Curtis units are designed to eliminate potential leaks.
Conveniently located with hinged access door. Built-in across the line magnetic motor starters with thermal overload protection ensures long motor life. 115 volt control circuit transformer is provided for safe operation. Standard NEMA 1 Rated cabinet and electrical controls are U.L. and CSA listed. All electrical components are standard off the shelf for easy replacement.
The R/S Series is designed using off the shelf motors and drive train parts. Heavy duty NEMA design motors with a 1.15 to 1.25 service factor are used to ensure dependable long life.
This arrangement allows for very low approach temperatures vs. less efficient "stacked" design. This increases overall efficiency and provides for a cooler running compressor. Thermostatically controlled oil bypass valve insures proper oil temperature to extend air end life. Side by side coolers also offer easy access for cleaning.
INCREASED EFFICIENCY - The CURTIS "R/S" Profile with it's high precision finish offers the shortest possible sealing line to ensure minimal internal losses. This design along with low rotational speeds give you maximum CFM output per energy dollar. The "R/S" profile allows for extra CFM output even at pressures as high as 175 PSIG.
Large cylindrical roller bearings are designed for years of continuous service. Precision ball bearings with angular thrust contact provides twice the needed thrust loading. Bearings are a significant part of any air end and Curtis puts an emphasis on their long life bearings.
VERTICAL MULTI-STAGE SEPARATION - First stage separation is achieved by offset air/oil inlet and special baffling which centrifugally separates 95% of oil from air.
Second stage separator element is sized so that even under maximum capacity flow, the velocity through the filter is less than 1 ft./sec. for maximum efficiency. Our separator element will last longer due to our unique oversized design. This oil separation system provides virtually oil-free air.
ASME CODED, VERTICAL SEPARATOR TANK saves space and reduces turbulence to prevent oil carryover. Separator tank is equipped with oil-fill vent plug, oil level sight glass, safety relief valve, and minimum pressure check valve.
* Air End Manufactured To ISO 9001 Standards
* Heavy Duty NEMA Design Motors
* NEMA 1 Control Panel With Starters
* 115 Volt Control Transformer
* Dual High Temp Shutdown Switches
* Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges
* Start-Stop Control 5-7 1/2 HP
* Timed Dual Control 10-20 HP
* Timed Dual Control with Modulation 25-50 HP
* On line-Off line with Modulation 50-300 HP
* Vibration Isolators On Sub-Base 50-300HP
* Thermostatic Oil Temp Valve
* Multi-Stage Oil Separator Unit
* Safety Valve On Separator Tank
* ASME Code Air Receiver For Tank Mounts
* Heavy Duty Intake Filter 40-300 HP
* Heavy Duty Oil Filter with Bypass
* Factory Fill Synthetic Lubricant