New 2005 stone plate compactor SFP5100 w/ 5.5HP honda


Subject: New 2005 stone plate compactor SFP5100 w/ 5.5HP honda
This machine comes with a 5.5hp Honda Engine. If you're interested in another option please call us for pricing and manufacturing time.
DIRT PLATE, 20" wide x 24" long, 5100# centrifugal force, 5200 VPM. Ideal for jobs where high compaction productivity, rough ground, climbing performance are desired. Travels up to 130 f/p/m on most soil types.
Forward Plate Compactors Features in Detail
Stone Forward Plates - the #1 selling plate in North America - delivers superior performance. Exclusive eccentric housing is an integrated part of the base plate, so vibration is more effectively transferred to the ground. And, since the eccentric is mounted forward of the engine, Stone forward plates deliver faster travel speeds, higher amplitudes and increased climbability.
* Eight different models each with several engine options to cover a full range of asphalt and dirt applications - the most complete plate line in the industry.
* Patented one-piece base plate design includes an extra large oil reservoir that dissipates the internal heat to the entire plate surface. Cools the oil inside and preheats the base plate for more efficient performance on asphalt.
* One-year base plate and two-year eccentric bearing warranties.
* Synchronized drive system requires only one belt for efficient power transfer.
* Patented offset eccentric sheave eliminates belt stress for extended belt life.
* Single-piece, heavy-duty centrifugal clutch delivers greater reliability.
* Dual-stage shock mounts provide superior vibration isolation to both the operator and the engine.
* Thirteen quart removable polyethylene water tank won't rust. Optional for asphalt models.
* Ramped leading edge gently climbs onto uncompacted surface assuring even, progressive compaction.
* Self-cleaning base plate eliminates rock and dirt buildup for easier maintenance.
* Small, lightweight SFP2200/SFP2200A.
* Asphalt Specific Plate - SFA3500 designed with unique base geometry, eccentric placement, amplitude and VPMS for optimal performance on asphalt. Custom water system and removable tank provide smooth, even finishes.
* Roll cage protects engine and components.
* Patented sprinkler system with SnapTekā„¢ coupler to connect to the water tank. The system coats the base with an even flow of water.
SFP2200/SFP2200A - 140 lbs. (64)
SFP3000/SFP3000A - 195 - 200 lbs. (88,5-90,7)
SFP4000/SFP4000A - 205 - 230 lbs. (93-104,3)
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