New 2 stn restaurant all-in-one pos system & software


Subject: New 2 stn restaurant all-in-one pos system & software
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2 Station All-In-One Restaurant POS System
* 2 New Posiflex JIVA 5800 "All In One" Touch Terminals; 1.0 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 20 GB Hard Drive, 15" Touch Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor, Windows XP Pro (3 Year Warranty)
* 2 New Built-in Magnetic Card Swipe Readers (3 Year Warranty)
* 1 New MMF Cash Drawer (2 Year Warranty)
* 2 New Epson TM-T88 III Auto-cut Thermal Receipt Printers (2 Year Warranty)
* 1 New Epson TM-220B Auto-cut Dot-Matrix Kitchen Printer (2 Year Warranty)
* BPA Restaurant Professional v8.0
* Printed Manuals for Restaurant Operations and Accounting Functions
* BPA Video Training CD's for Learning the System and Training Your Servers
* 90 Days Free Hardware Support
* Unlimited BPA Restaurant Professional Support & Upgrades as defined below in the software description.
This system comes with the Restaurant Professional software installed and all hardware configured. Plug in the cables, turn it on, and you are ready to get started! The included printed manuals and BPA Video Training CD's will help you get online quickly! Use the Video Training CD's to train your employees!
All New Hardware carries a manufacturer's parts and labor warranty.
Complete Pizza/Delivery Systems
Complete Pizza/Delivery systems including used and new hardware.
Touch POS Systems with New or Used Hardware!
New and Used non-touch POS systems.
Add a POS Kit including hardware and software to existing PC's.
Business Plus Accounting Restaurant Professional
Business Plus Accounting Restaurant Professional 8.0 is a complete Restaurant Point of Sale System built on top of a complete business accounting system. This means in addition to running your restaurant floor, BPA Restaurant Professional can help you track your inventory, your accounts receivable, your accounts payable, it can help you write checks and balance your bank account. It can run your payroll, track maintenance on your equipment, and provide all of your general ledger and accounting reports. It also provides over 260 business reports covering all areas of your business! Not only do you receive the Restaurant Point of Sale Software but you also receive Point of Sale Modules to run gift stores, delis, and catering. See description of software features below.
* Include up to 14 menus which can be accessed without scrolling through categories. Over 14,000 items can be included in the menu.
* Each menu has a unique color to make it easier to know where you are. Items on a menu can be grouped and colored together.
* Quick & Easy. One button Quick Sale and One button Quick Cashout functions. Automatically duplicate an item with a single button.
* Employees can clock in and out and can log in and out of the POS screen using the touch screen or using employee cards.
* Managers can use the touch screen or their manager password card to authorize restricted functions like Voiding Tickets or Comp'ing items.
* You can restrict actions that might allow employees to steal from you, such as removing items after a cook's ticket has been printed.
* The software includes a security events module that will interface with your video security cameras. You can print reports and then view the events on your security videos. Security reports show items that have been removed, tickets that have been voided, items that have been comp'ed, discounted items, coupons used and other user definable security events.
* Print reports showing items that have been removed, tickets that have been voided, and items that have been comp'ed or discounted.
* The password system allows you to specify which software modules and functions each employee has access to and creates a log entry each time a password is entered so you can track what your employees are doing.
* Specify which software modules and functions each employee has access to.
One restaurant owner reported firing his whole staff after upgrading to BPA Restaurant Professional and finally being able to see how dishonest his employees were!
BPA Restaurant Professional 8.0 is built on our Business Plus Accounting software package, and includes a complete set of business and accounting tools fully integrated with the restaurant point of sale.
* Includes a payroll module which is integrated with the employee time clock.
* Includes an equipment maintenance and tracking module for tracking your restaurant's equipment
* The product recipe and inventory system pull appropriate ingredients from inventory for each item you sell, and allows you to automatically generate vendor orders for your ingredients and other inventory items
* Product sales and costs are combined with overhead costs in the general ledger for a true picture of your profitability
See below for a more complete list of accounting functions!
* Integration Eliminates the Chance for Fraud or Error Due to Double Entry. Using Business Plus Accounting software and X-Charge, no re-keying of the sales amount is required. The amount tendered in BPA is exactly what is authorized via X-Charge. This integration virtually eliminates the chance for fraud or error.
* X-Charge Consumes NO Counter Space. Counter space is at a premium. X-Charge software runs directly on the BPA POS station replacing standalone bank terminals, reducing the clutter at the checkout counter and providing more valuable space for selling.
These few features are just the beginning of what BPA Restaurant Professional can do. Please see the feature list below for more details!
This Product was recently shown at the "Western Food Service and Hospitality Expo" in Los Angeles. Visitors at the show described this product as the best value at the show for a variety of reasons. Most commonly mentioned were Price, Reporting (260+ reports), Inventory Tools, complete integrated Accounting system, Payroll, and affordable Hardware Systems.
BPA Restaurant Professional is integrated with our business system, "Business Plus Accounting". Business Plus Accounting was rated by Computer Credible Magazine as being: "By Far The Easiest To Install and Use Of Any Package We Have Ever Reviewed!" If you have out grown QuickBooks this software will work for you.
* Quality. Extremely quick, courteous and professional response. Top of the line!
This System Includes The BPA Video CD Training Series For Servers And Managers
* Supports Touch Screen Entry of Restaurant Orders.
* Supports Keyboard/Mouse Entry of Restaurant Orders.
* Allows Servers to Print Cook's Tickets.
* Allows the cook's ticket to be split between different Cook's printers. You can have up to five different Cook's printers for a single order (i.e. kitchen area, sandwich area, etc.). This saves you the expense of multiple monitors and computers.
* Allows You To Print the Entire Order or Just New Items to the Cook's Printers.
* Supports use of a cook's monitor at each cooking station with a bump button and cook's ticket printing capabilities.
* Allows the manual entry of daily sales, used primarily by Restaurants who use hand written tickets.
* Supports Table Management.
* Supports Gift Certificates.
* Supports Quick Sales For Quick Bar Entries.
* Supports Happy Hour Pricing.
* Supports Lunch Hour Pricing.
* Supports Additional Pricing Options.
* Supports Hold And Fire To Aid In Timely Cooking.
* Supports Scanning of Bar Code SKUs.
* Supports Modifing Of Items And Sides Without Re-entry.
* Supports Turning Menu Item Off When Item Is Out Of Stock
* Supports Duplicate Item Button.
* Supports Charging a Service Fee For Special Situations.
* Supports On Screen Keyboard.
* Supports Tracking Of Loaned Equipment (Typical Of Catering).
* Exclude an Item From Gratuity.
* Exclude an Item From a Meal Discount.
* Supports 600+ Drink Recipes (Optional).
* Supports Canadian Goods & Services Tax
* Allows Merging of Two Or More Tables.
* Supports Hand Held PCs For At The Table Orders (Call For Hand Held PCs Pricing).
* Supports multiple languages for menu items, for side definitions and for menu names (Supports Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Baltic).
* Supports Dine In or Take Out.
* Supports Discounts For Any Order or any Item on an Order (Password can be required).
* Allows Data File Information to be Accessed by Browsing, Reporting, and Filtering.
* Allows Data Exporting of All Data.
* Supports Bar Code Printing and Scanning for Gift Store Operations.
* Show Guest Count Screen During POS Orders.
* Allows Excluding of Items From Gratuity.
* Allows Excluding of Items From Meal Discounts.
* Allows Enabling of Dine In / Dine Out Option On Quick Sales.
* Supports Automatic Printing of the Cook's Ticket When An Order Is Cashed Out.
* Allows Requiring of a Manager Password When Manually Opening The Cash Drawer.
* Tracks Cash Drawer Payouts.
* Supports Inactivity Auto Server Log Out.
* Allows Reviewing of a Table Order While at the POS Screen.
* Supports Arranging Of Tables Like Your Restaurant Layout.
* Prints Reports Showing Daily Sales, Monthly Sales, Yearly Sales, Sales Per Guest, Tables Per Server, Guests Per Table etc.
* Allows Server To Print All Open Table Receipts At One Time.
* Allows Servers to Print & Reprint Cook's Tickets.
* Prints Summary Sales Reports.
* Prints Daily Sales and Labor Reports.
* Prints Table Sales Pre-Posting Report.
* Prints Table Sales Posting Report.
* Prints Sales Margin Reports.
* Prints Monthly Sales Report.
* Prints yearly Sales Report.
* Prints Remove Open Items Report.
* Prints Remove Closed Table Report.
* Prints Complimentary Items Report.
* Prints Discounted Items Report.
* Prints Profit Ranking Report For Sales Items.
* Supports "Nontaxable" Coupon Option To Calcutale Tax Based On Full Value of Items Before Dicsount.
* Supports Scanning of SKUs Or UPCs.
* Allows Adding To Gift Card Balances.
* Includes Restaurant "Z Reports".
* Supports Automatically Print the Cook's Ticket When An Order Is Cashed Out.
* Allows you to Assign a Cash Drawer to a Server Station.
* Allows Different Tax Rates For Different Items (i.e. Alcohol).
* Supports a special tax for items served at the bar.
* Supports a special tax for Dine Out or Dine In orders.
* Supports Auto Gratuity Calculations Based On The Number Of Guests At a Table And The Percent of Gratuity that You Define.
* Supports Canadian GST and PST Taxes
* Supports Manager Adjustment of Server Cash Out.
* Allows Servers to Create Tables and Process Items Belonging to the Tables.
* Allows Servers to Split Tickets.
* Warns Server When An Item Has Not Been Printed To The Cook's Printer.
* Warns Servers When Clocking Out With Open Tables.
* Supports Removing of items from Tickets (Password can be Required).
* Allows a table to be transferred from one server to another server.
* Allows a Name or Identifier to be associated with a table, most commonly used to track a guest in a bar or night club environment.
* Supports Allowing Item Removal Until Item Has Been Printed At Cook's Printer.
* Allows Assigning a Cash Drawer Number To a Server Station.
* Allows Assigning Of Menu Items By Table Seat Number.
* Supports Auto Log Out Of Server Due To Inactivity.
* Prints Server Sales and Tips Report Used in Server Cash Out.
* Allows Definition of all Menu Items Including Required Sides, Drink Modifiers, and Cooking Instructions.
* Allows Assignment of Items to One or Multiple Menus.
* Allows You to Assign Descriptions That Appear on Menu Push Buttons.
* Allows Definition of Cooking Instructions. (i.e. Rare, Medium Rare, etc.).
* Allows Renaming of side lists.
* Allows Definition of Mixing Modifiers for Drinks.
* Allows Definition of Special Notes That Can Be Assigned To Entrees.
* Allows Unique Special Notes to be entered on the fly.
* Allows The Creation Of a Custom Sides List With Custom Pricing For Any Menu Item. This Makes the Selection Of Sides For An Item Very Fast.
* Allows a closed table to be opened by the manager.
* Supports the Defining of seven table areas with 54 tables per area.
* Supports Removing of Tables (password can be required).
* Supports Comp'ing of Items (password can be required).
* Supports Sale of Miscellaneous Food Items and the assigning of a price to those Items. Requires Servers to Log into the Time Clock Before Processing Tables.
* Allows Assignment of Notes to Any Menu Item.
* Supports "Order Complete" Button
* Supports Large Text On Invoice And Cood's Tickets.
* Supports "Item Quantity Button".
* Supports Marking Of Menu Items As Inactive (Out Of Item, Item Out Of Season, Etc.)
* Supports Reporting Of Unique Events (Removed Items, Comped Items, Discounted Items, Removed Tables, Etc.)
* Supports Table Layout Arrangements In Table Areas.
* Allows Assignment of Notes to Any Menu Item.
* Allows Assignment of Sides to Entrees (When an Entrees Requiring a Side is Selected, the Side Options Pop Up Automatically).
* Cook's tickets include all times and all sides belonging to a Menu Item.
* Cook's tickets include all cooking instructions for items requiring cooking instructions.
* Includes a Robust Inventory Management System.
* Allows Periodic Cycle Counting.
* Prints Cycle Count Discrepancy Reports.
* Automatically Adjusts Inventory Based On Cycle Counts.
* Prints Reports Comparing Inventory Used In Sales To Inventory Used Based On Cycle Counting. This Helps You Identify Food Waste/Loss and Helps You Correct Inaccurate Recipes.
* Supports Daily Inventory Snap Shot Reports. You Can Look at Inventory Quantities For Any Date. Supports Remote Inventory Scanning Using a Hand Held Computer/Scanner and Allows Inventory Updating Based On Scanned Inventory.
* Allows You To View a Log Of Manual Inventory Changes To See When Changes Were Made To Inventory.
* Prints Food Cost Reports. Shows Item Revenue as a Percentage of Sales. Shows Item Category Revenue as a Percentage of Sales etc.
* Tracks Food Waste and Prints Food Waste Report.
* Includes a Robust Inventory Management System, With Cycle Counting, with Inventory Discrepancy Reports,with Perpetual Vs Periodic Inventory Reports, with Inventory Snap Shot Support, with Remote Inventory Scanning And with Inventory Change Logging. Supports Equipment Tracking Include Scheduling Preventative Maintenance And Logging Repairs.
* Supports Equipment Tracking Including Scheduling Preventative Maintenance and Logging Repairs.
* Contains An Employee Time Clock That Feeds Payroll.
* Supports Employee Scheduling and Prints Schedules.
* Prints Hourly Sales and Labor reports allowing you to monitor number of employees per gross sales.
* Supports Employee Scheduling and Prints Schedules.
* Allows Managers to Require Servers to Cash Out with Manager before Logging out of Time Clock.
* Allows Employees to Clock Out Without Manager Approval.
* Includes a Retail Point of Sale Module.
* Supports Standard 8 1/2 by 11 Invoices.
* Prints Statements With Aging Periods.
* Prints Past Due Statements.
* Prints Aging Letters For Past Due Accounts.
* Includes a Sales Promotional Pricing System (Set a sales date range and select sales items by vendor, department, product type or a variety of other ways. Prices automatically return to normal after a predefined sale ends)
* Bar Code Printing (Prints 14 kinds of bar codes including code39 and UPCA).
* Bar Code Scanning (Supports all popular bar code types).
* Supports Point of sale Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, and Pole.
* Supports Four Levels of Volume Quantity Pricing For Products.
* Supports Sales Commissions By Percent Of Gross Profit Margin Or Percent Of Gross, And Allows a Different % Of Commission On Each Product If Needed.
* Tracks Order Fulfillment And Prints Fulfillment Reports.
* Tracks Product Sales by Department and Product type.
* Includes Accounts Receivable System.
* Includes Accounts Payable System.
* Includes General Ledger System.
* Includes Vendor Order System.
* Includes Product Receiving Module.
* Includes a Comprehensive Payroll System.
* Includes a Client Contacting System.
* Includes Import Utilities to Allow Importing of Clients From "Select Phone" by SIC Code. Supports Phone Contacting Campaigns Based On Past Sales Or Other Criteria.
* Supports Financial Calculations.
* Supports Return Merchandise Authorization.
* Supports Multiple Companies.
* Includes Mail Merge Support For Word For Windows And Word Perfect.
* Includes a Custom Report Writing Module.
* Allows Bank Reconciliation For Multiple Bank Accounts.
* All Modules Are Password Protected.
* Includes Over 200 Standard Reports.
* This Business System Can Be Run Remotely Using Microsoft Terminal Server And a Phone Line Or It Can Be Run Remotely Over The Web.
* Support integration with QuickBooks
* Plus Hundreds Of Additional Features.
* Supports Hourly and Salary Employees.
* Supports Three Hourly Rates Per Pay Period
* Supports Eight Taxing Pay Periods (Daily,
* Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly, Monthly,
* Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual).
* Supports Optional Extra Federal Withholding
* Supports Cafeteria Deductions.
* Supports Retirement Deductions.
* Retirement May Be Specified As Taxable Or Non Taxable.
* Supports Bonuses And Sales Commission
* Supports Three Miscellaneous Deductions.
* Prints Payroll Cash Requirements Report.
* Prints Payroll Posting Reports With 940 and
* Supports 941 Deduction Totals.
* Allows Reversal Of a Posted Payroll Check.
* Supports Payroll Ability To Define Minimum Earnings For State Tax Liability.
* Supports Payroll Automated Paid Leave Tracking.
* Supports Payroll Direct Deposit Functionality.
* Supports After The Fact Payroll Entries.
* Prints Quarterly Summary Payroll Tax Reports.
* Prints Payroll Register Report.
* Prints Payroll Summary Reports.
* Prints Payroll History Reports.
BPA Restaurant Professional Includes The Following Modules:
Equipment Maintenance Tracking
Most other systems sold raise the support fees for each additional station and only give you a limited number of support calls. Our support and licensing covers all updates and unlimited software support!
Restaurant Split Ticket Screen
As an added service, if you would like us to define your menus for you, we will be happy to do that. It typically costs $500 - $1000 to define your items and create your menus. You can fax or send us your menus and we will give you a quote.
For more information you can email us at
We also have the following add-on modules and software systems available for purchase:
* BPA Restaurant Delivery Professional.
* Real Time Integrated Internet E-Commerce Module.
* Hospital Staffing Via The Web.