New 2 station byoc lcd touchscreen retail pos system


Subject: New 2 station byoc lcd touchscreen retail pos system
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New Retail POS System in Unopened Boxes
Don't trust your business to used equipment
* 2 NEW 15" LCD touchscreens (3 year unit/ 5 year touchscreen manufacturer's warranty)
* 2 NEW Epson TM-T88 IV thermal printers with auto-cut receipt (2 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 2 NEW APG Vasario cash drawers (2 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 2 NEW Logic Controls PD-3000 pole displays (1 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 2 NEW Magtek card readers (1 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 2 NEW Metrologic Voyager barcode scanners (5 year manufacturer's warranty)
* 2 NEW Cash Register Express SQL edition licenses 90 days of free software support included.
Cash Register Express & Simple Solutions Direct
Cash Register Express is an extremely Reputable software from a pioneer in the POS industry, in business for over 25 years. We have successfully configured and installed CRE systems in everything from clubs selling $30,000 in one night, to small "Mom & Pop" shops.
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For security purposes each employee can have either a password or with the addition of a card reader an employee card
* Employee permissions determine which functions each employee can or can't do
* Protect sensitive information
* Keep employees from stealing your hard earned dollars
You won't have to add it up manually anymore. Reports will tell overtime, labor hours, gross pay, and even keep track of tips if you would like.
* Multiple Job Codes may be set up for each employee.
* When the employee clocks in, they will be able to select which job they are working during that shift.
* Employees may only select to work job codes assigned to them. For example, if Bob only has job codes CASHIER and JANITOR assigned to him, he may not log in as a COOK.
Optional touchscreen or barcode enabled item selection
Scan items for your sale, or for items that are sold more commonly use a touchscreen for quick item entry.
* Think up your own way to help increase your business.
Fully automate your inventory tracking, the smarter way!
Inventory control is one of the main ingredients to a point of sale system (POS). As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep on top of your inventory levels. The main reason to have a POS system, as opposed to a regular cash register, is the ability to track each item as they are being sold.
Cash Register Express POS software has been designed to make inventory control a snap. You may add an item that has a bar code and track its cost, price, in stock level, which department it belongs to, which vendor it comes from as well as many other features like discount levels, size and color matrices, sale and special pricing and many more features.
Cash Register Express Point of Sale give you the flexibility you need when it comes to setting up special prices for items. Four major features include bulk pricing, sale pricing, time based pricing and global special pricing. With bulk pricing, you can give a special price for a certain quantity of items (for example, 2 for $3.00). Sale pricing allows you to specify a percentage off the item during a certain date range. Time based pricing allows you to choose certain days and the times within that day where a sale will kick in. This is especially effective for a bar where you may have a happy hour. Lastly, Global Special Pricing allows you to add a sale to an entire department or a many items at one time. Also, it allows for a date range for the sale to kick in.
Use the inventory system if you would like, or keep track the old fashioned way, or use a bit of both systems. Cash Registe Express Express will work with you.
Keep historical data forever, or clear it out whenever you like.
Reporting is the most important feature of a good point of sale system. The most useful reports to any businesshave have been programmed into Cash Register Express. As a business owner, it is important to be on top of your sales figures, costs and inventory levels. With lots of reports and its ease of use, Cash Register Express has become the system of choice of tens of thousands of business owners.
Using Cash Register Express' Host Module for a multi-store scenario, you will be able to see these reports for each individual store as well as the entire operation.
* Microsoft Access Compatible
* Detailed Tape Rental History
* Handles Multiple Cash Drawers
* Detailed Inventory Reports
* Late, Rented Videos, Videos in Store
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We have successfully configured and installed systems in everything from clubs selling $30,000 in one night, to small "Mom & Pop" shops.
We can add items to this system to make it complete for you:
* Aldelo (formerly NextPOS) Software