New 2 line 6 ft long outdoor led message sign/display


Subject: New 2 line 6 ft long outdoor led message sign/display
6 Feet Long 6 High Letters Single Sided Outdoor LED Sign
Approx. 19 inches high x 69 inches long
Full Retail Price - Over $5,000+
Our Price: $2,499 (Single Sided Only)
NOTE: Price listed is for 1 single sided display only. Contact us for a Double Sided Unit or any other sizes.
-Pixel Matrix Resolution: 16 pixels high by 80 pixels wide
-3 outdoor rated LED lamps in each pixel for bright, clearly visible thick letter strokes. 3,840 LED lamps in total
-Weight: Approx. 80 lbs (display alone)
-Physical dimensions: Approximately 69 (L) x 19 (H) x 6.3 (D)
-Max. Power: 210 Watt (5 Amps. @ 110 VAC), 100 Watt typical
-Serviceable from the front. All components easily accessible and removable
-Strong, sturdy, weatherproof cabinet
-Sign and components are built according to US and Canadian Safety Standards, certified and listed in compliance as required by most cities for all legal outdoor installations.
Sign Features and Capabilities
-4 minimum to 13 maximum character size (typical 2 lines of 6 letters)
-Capable of displaying even 3 lines of text (Not recommend text may be difficult to read unless carefully organized and/or created as graphics.
-Programmable by PC with Windows based software Me/2000/XP
-Serial communication RS232 or RS485 (COM port required, USB port or RS485 requires optional equipment)
-Thermostat controlled automatically turn on fan for cooling
-Date and Time display functions
-High quality LED lamps with wide viewing angle
-Statistically LED lamps have a very long shelf life
-Simple creation or import of BMP graphics
-Free Graphics package included
-Create or customize your own fonts
-Over 40 Display Effects for your messages to be displayed
-Mix and Match different size fonts within a message frame
-Totally versatile and easy to use software
-Programmable also with an Infrared Remote Keypad (This feature may not work in some cases depending on the installation requirements that may block the infrared sensor)
-40 feet RS232 computer link cable included (longer cable can be ordered)
Note: Pictures shown are taken from the actual display unit itself
1 unit Red color LED Moving Message Sign with a matrix of 16 pixels high by 80 pixels wide
1 pc 40' computer RS232 communication cable
1 pc Infrared keypad & batteries
1 pc Software, Manual, Installation & Quick Start Guide
1 Set Mounting Brackets ready to be installed immediately