New 15 triple head candy vending machines


Subject: New 15 triple head candy vending machines
This item includes 15 Triple Head, Keys, Instruction manual, your choice between gray, red, and yellow.
Take advantage of this great deal:
* A proven 34 Billon dollar all-cash business, with immediate cash flow.
* High return on investment with a low initial investment.
* Full time or part time income possibilities.
* No accounts receivable/no direct selling.
This machine is covered with a 5 year warranty which covers damage to the machine. Parts and labor or replacement will be covered by the manufacturer of this machine.
* Secure recessed locks, on candy section and coin collection section.
* product stickers available for National Brand candy.
* Large 15-30 lbs candy capacity.
* Large clear lens to show off product and display brand name products and labels.
* Made of a tough and durable material that won't chip, rust, dent, or flake!
* Coin mechanisms are anti-slug, self lubricating, secure, and smooth operating.
* Product is dispensed through adjustable tumblers, inclined chute, spring loaded doors-this gives an even dependable vend every time.
* Included 28" pole and 18" high impact pedestal base gives excellent stability and eliminates rust stains on floor scratching.