New 12KW generator head pto 540RPM -free shipping


Subject: New 12KW generator head pto 540RPM -free shipping
12,000 watt continous/15,000 watt surge. 3600rpm 60hz generator- 540 rpm PTO, 2-120 volt 20 amp outlets, 1-120/240 volt twistlock, and 1-240 volt 50 amp plug. Circuit breaker protection. This generator is made to fit a PTO drive tractor with 540 rpm. Brushless generator design, 1-3/8" 6 spline shaft. A 24 hp or more engine is required for full output.
Model PTO15/12 15000/12000 Watts*
Generator type totally brushless with capacitor, copper windings, Voltage Plus™, thermal/magnetic circuit breakers, PTO safety shield, lifting eye, full power 240 Volt plugs/connectors included, helical gear transmission, voltmeter, exclusive Smooth Wave™ <6% distortion.
CHANGES: All specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice and there is no obligation to make changes in units previously sold. RATINGS: Apply to altitudes up to 1000 feet, standard cooling, normal ambients and gasoline fuel. Reduce ratings 3-1/2% for each 1000 feet above sea level and 1% for each 10∞ farenheight rise above 60∞ farenheight. Connection of a generator to a home or building requires a transfer switch. Consult a qualified technician.
Shafts are not included with unit