New [ ] lqts-522D 2" total station made in china


Subject: New [ ] lqts-522D 2" total station made in china
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Our products have 24 month Warranty.
sell the instrument to include: (Standard necessary)
The battery, the data cable, the battery charger, the user's manual, append the tool, the plastic packing case.
LQTS-522D 2" Total station can be used in 3(rd)and 4(th) order triangulation control also can be use for engineering measure such as:railroad;bridge;water conservancy;mine;construction and cadastration,landfom measure manifold engineering measure,setting out large epuipment.
Single prism(in good atmospheric conditions):
Three prisms in good (atmospheric conditions):
Fine measurement (repeat) : about 1.8sec.(first time2.5sec.)
Rapid measurement(repeat) : about 0.9sec.(first time 2.5sec.)
Tracking measurement : about 0.4sec.(first time 1.5sec.)
ppm input range : -499ppm~+499ppm (step 1ppm)
Prism constant correction : -99mm~+99mm (step 1ppm)
Range of compensation : ±3″(LQTS-522DA)
Working duration(20℃):Distance and angle measurement: 8.5hours
Storage : -40℃~+60℃
Operating : -20℃~+55℃
Memory points inside: 15000(you can choice 50000 point)
LASER PLUMMENT (you can choice)
If you have any questions,please mail me,i will reply you ASAP.