New [ ] lqts-513 2" total station+tripods+prism+2M pole


Subject: New [ ] lqts-513 2" total station+tripods+prism+2M pole
[NEW] LQTS-513 2" TOTAL STATION + Tripods + Prism + 2M Pole Made in CHINA
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sell the instrument to include: (Standard necessary)
The battery, the data cable, the battery charger, the user's manual, append the tool, the plastic packing case.
LQTS-513 2" Total station can be used in 3(rd)and 4(th) order triangulation control also can be use for engineering measure such as:railroad;bridge;water conservancy;mine;construction and cadastration,landfom measure manifold engineering measure,setting out large epuipment.
Staid / addition constants: 100 / 0
Horizontal anger panel: Incremental reading
Vertical anger panel: Incremental reading
Tilt sensor: Automatic vertical compensator
Compensation precision: less than +-5"
Measuring range: Condition 1-Mist,visibility of 20 km(12.5 miles),middle sunshine,slight thermal flash;
2-No fog,visibility of 40 km (25miles),cloudy,no slight thermal flash
Measurement precision: Middle error +-(3mm+2ppm)
Minimum reading: Precision 1mm(0.005ft)
Display equipment: LCD screen double english display
Tracing: 0.5s(1.5s in first time)
Atmospheric constant range: -99~+99ppm
Prism constant range: -99~+99mm
Unit conversion factor: Meter/foot
Field of view: 4°(91mm in diameter/1.3m)
Reading pattern: Incremental reading
Detection system: Raster photovoltaic conversion
Horizontal angle: Across reading
Vertical angle: Across reading
Minimum reading 1s/5s(0.5mgon/1mgon)
Accuracy(based on standard deviation of DIN18723)
Measuring time: Less than 0.1s
Level sensitivity: Circular level 8'/2mm
Date output: Asynchronous serisl in RS-232
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