Navitar / mitutoyo infrared zoom microscope


Subject: Navitar / mitutoyo infrared zoom microscope
Navitar Near Infrared .58X to 7X Zoom Microscope
with Mitutoyo M Plan Apo 100 Objective,
2X Short Adapter, and C-mount Adapter
Navitar UltraZoom body tubes are designed to be coupled to infinity corrected objectives when higher magnification and higher resolution imaging is required. Optics corrected for NIR performance in the 700 nm to 1500 nm spectral region of the near infrared.
Includes Navitar 1-50504IR 12x 'Ultrazoom' Zoom Body Tube with 12 mm fine focus optics; Navitar 1-61390IR 2x Mini/Short Adaptor, Navitar 1-6010 C-mount adaptor for mounting video cameras; and Navitar 1-6270 Universal Clamp for mounting to 1/4-20 hole patterns.
Mitutoyo M Plan Apo 100X Objective, part No. 378-806-2, B36013500. Corrected to infinity/zero. Numerical aperture (NA) is 0.70. Working distance 10 mm. For full specifications see
For Navitar system options, see , and for Ultrazoom body, adapters, and lenses see , , and .
New price $5597 = $2175 (1-50504IR) + $682 (1-61390IR) + $47 (1-6010) + $105 (1-6270) + $2588 (Mitutoyo Objective)
This item is in good physical condition and perfect working order.