Munson titan 20 shredder spare parallel shaft assembly


Subject: Munson titan 20 shredder spare parallel shaft assembly
One lot-Munson Titan 20 Shredder parallel shaft assembly. Consist of two hex shafts with bearings. Also there are 66 three tip steel blades and 59 spacers for the hex shafts. The I.D. of the spacers is approx 3.7 inches straight across flat to flat. Diameter of the cutting blades appears to be 9 inches. Both the spacers and blades are 5/8" thick. The shaft is 56 inches long which is comprised of 41-3/4" of hex, 5 inches on the non-drive end, and 9-1/4" on the drive end. I think a few pieces(3 spacers) were lost during transit, if I had a total of 128 pcs(66 blades & 62 spacers) x .625(5/8"thk) that would give me 40" of blades and spacers on each shaft(total 80"). I am assuming this is for a 40" unit. All the info in this listing is to the best of my ability, dimensions are approx, and if this is not for a Titan 20 I apologize. Anyone out there has any corrections , would greatly appreciate your input.