Multiple frequency signal generator asx-16B


Subject: Multiple frequency signal generator asx-16B
The Model ASX-16B is similar to the Model ASX-16, however it has the Remote Trim Feature. This model provides clean, modulated and unmodulated, crystal-controlled, amplitude-variable outputs, up to +57 dBmV per channel. All operations are controlled remotely, using either the IEEE-488 (GPIB) option or the RS-232 option. Optional modem-to-RS-232 interface is also available. An internal frequency counter option is available which simplifies the setting and checking of operating frequencies.
The Model ASX-16B is software-compatible with the Model ASX-16. Except for some minor changes in carrier leveling and frequency adjustment, software written for the Model ASX-16 can be used with minor modifications with the Model ASX-16B.
Any frequency from 5 to 1000 MHz.
+57 dBmV max. per channel when combining 32 channels.
+54 dBmV max. per channel when combining 64 channels.
+50 dBmV max. per channel when combining 128 channels
+46 dBmV max. per channel when combining 160 channels.
On, Off and adjustable 12 dB with < 0.1 dB resolution.
Cross-modulation, Composite Triple Beat, Discrete Second Order, and Discrete Third Order guaranteed better than 100 dB down.
Carriers 0.0015%, Modulation: 0.003%.
Step attenuators simultaneously reduce all channels up to 82.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps.
Each channel adjustable +/- 10 parts per million, resolution < 1 ppm.
110-120 Volts, 50-60 Hz. Other voltages and frequencies are available.
277.25,271.25,253.25,247.25,241.25,ch 26,229.25,223.25,217.25,211.25,205.25,187.25
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