Mud hog gas 20CF


Subject: Mud hog gas 20CF
• Large Capacity - Mix 6 to 7 bags in one batch Vertical paddle design cuts through material
• Adjustable Height - Labor loads below waist Paddle angle prevents splashing out of drum
• No wheels to work around or maintain (deters theft) 6 mixing blades to decrease batch time
• Portability - Fork pockets accessible all sides Masticated blades provide longer wear
• Cleaning - Labor stands upright to clean
• Compacts to fit in standard 8 ft. truck bed Also ideal for stucco, smaller Precast batches
• Electric start, hydraulic drive, hydraulic dump Ergonomic design lessons labor fatigue and backache
• Reversible mixing paddles prevent clogging Available in 14 cubic ft. capacity
Please call for freight.