Movable conference room walls, 11' high


Subject: Movable conference room walls, 11' high
Two rooms available. DowCraft brand floor-to-ceiling walls. Both rooms are 3-sided, meant to go against an existing hardwall. They are made to mount to a suspended ceiling. 1st room has fabric walls with glass at the top and measures appx 19' long with one end wall 13' and the opposite wall is 18' creating a trapazoid shaped room. New parts are no longer available for this brand of wall so we recommend re-installing in the same way as current layout.
The 2nd room is made of metal-skinned panels and measures approximately 14x16'.
Each room has one door, and there is a third door available.
Product has been taken down, but is still available for viewing. Purchased in 2002 these walls list for $33,001.50 and we are selling them for well below what we paid for them.
Delivery and installation are available.