Motorized beeswax foundation press embossing machine


Subject: Motorized beeswax foundation press embossing machine
We now have an arrangement with a manufacturer of beeswax sheeting and embossing equipment to help them sell their equipment. This is a motorized beeswax foundation press. It is a top quality machine and will last for many years. Use this machine to make or $ave lots of money. You can make your own beeswax foundation, sell foundation to others, or make sheets of beeswax in various sizes and colors for candle making.
Note: To make sheets of beeswax to run through your embossing machine, simply dip a properly sized board into a tub of melted wax and peel off the sheets once dry. you can also color the wax during this step.
When purchasing this machine, you can choose between standard 5.1 mm cells or 4.9 mm. The 4.9 mm are believed to make a difference with the varroa mite. You can also purchase rollers for African cell size or for drone brood. The rollers are 12 ½” (320 mm) long and 2 7/16” (62 mm) in diameter. They are high quality, precision milled stainless steel. Extra may take a couple weeks get.
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