Morantz golf club & grip ultrasonic cleaner vending


Subject: Morantz golf club & grip ultrasonic cleaner vending
This listing is for a Morantz golf club and grip cleaner. These are very, very rare to find on the used market! Additionally, this was only used as a demo unit. It has approximately 150 clicks on the coin counter. The original owner paid approximately $11,000 for it.
* Manufactured by S. Morantz Inc.
* Ultrasonic Generator Model: Lil Baby Blind Cleaning Machine
* Includes manuals, training videos, etc.
* List Price: Approx. $11,000
Here is a little snip from Morantz's website...
The Morantz Clean-A-Club is a self-service machine allowing golfers to clean their entire set of 14 clubs in 2 minutes. Golfers purchase tokens to operate the machine keeping it vandal proof. Install this on the course and collect the profits.
* Built-in Prowave Generator
* Wash Chamber Calibrated for Club Heads
* Additional Wash Chamber Calibrated for Grips
* Microprocessor Controlled. Completely Programmable Operation
* Heavy Steel Construction
* Easy-to-read Instructions on Top of Machine
* Backlit Sign to Attract Attention
* Electronic Counters Record Every Cleaning
* Instructional Video and Manual
* Free, Unlimited, Hands-on Training at our Facilities in Philadelphia or Las Vegas / Free Ongoing Support (please contact Morantz to confirm that this is valid on used equipment)
* 15"L x 9"W x 15.25"D / 381mm L x 228mm W x 381mm D
* 9 Gallon Capacity / 41 Liter Capacity
* 38"L x 27"W x 62"H / 965mm L x 686mm W x 1575mm H (with sign attached)
Morantz's full spec page is located at
This is used, but in absolute mint, pristine condition. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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