Moore #3 jig grinder


Subject: Moore #3 jig grinder
Table size: 11” x 24” Table travels: Longitudinal: l8” Cross: l l” Spindle housing vertical travel: l2-5/8” Table top to wheel collet 2” - 18” Spindle to column ways 13-l/2” Main spindle speeds (variable) 2 - 2l0 Cycles/min Grind wheel speeds: 6,000 - l75,000 RPM (with optional grinding heads) Grinding capacity: l/64” - 3-l/2” dia. Angular adj. of spindle l-l/2: degrees Max. Dimensions: 58-l/2”FB x 57-l/2”LRx91”H Weight: 4,500 lbs. Motor: 220/3/60 Electrical Controls Equipped with: Moore High Speed Grinding Spindle Way Covers Push Button Controls Moore desk type mahogany storage cabinet (original cost $37,500)
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