Molex 3BF 3 ton automatic mechanical press / stamper


Subject: Molex 3BF 3 ton automatic mechanical press / stamper
This listing is for a Molex press. Also referred to as a crimper, wire end terminator, terminating crimping press, and/or applicator. These are manufactured by Molex, and distributed and supported through BenchMaster Products Inc / Moneco Machine Company Inc.
* Molex Order #: 11-05-0003
* This has a custom-built die / block on it. The original owner must have used it as a straight press. If you are looking for this model, with a crimper head (base unit terminator), please see my other listings! I also have different configurations up for sale!
* You will be received the exact unit pictured. It is configured exactly as pictured. Please check the pictures to understand exactly what is being sold.
* Utilizes Molex Base Unit and TM-40/42 Terminator Dies, crimping and notching dies
* Meets OSHA safety and noise requirements
* Includes external work lamp
* Minimum electrical and mechanical maintenance
* Used 3BF Presses can be purchased on a rebuild basis only and are subject to availability
* Height: 1016mm (40")
* Voltage: 110V AC, 60 Hz
* Tonnage: 26.7kN (3 tons) 10 AWG
* Stroke Length: 38.10mm (1.500")
* Rate: Up to 2500 terminations per hour, dependent on operator speed and application
* Adapts to the Molex 3BF and TM-7 Presses to accommodate TM-40/42 Terminator Dies
* Low cost method of achieving flexibility in terminating various contact configurations in the same press
* Adjustable positive feed positioning
* Quick insulation and conductor crimp height adjustments
* No press ram adjustments after initial set-up
* Safety guard included with each unit
* Height: 7.2mm (6.5")
* Conductor Crimp Height: 0.025mm (.001")
* Total Adjustments: 0.625mm (.025")
* Insulation Crimp Height: 0.203mm (.008")
* Total Adjustment-1.626mm (.064")
Molex's product page is located at
This is used, but in excellent condition. Guaranteed to be in proper, working condition. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
Check out the picture for more information. Feel free to ask any questions. WANT TO REACH ME BY PHONE? Feel free to call me (Trent) toll free @ .