Model 635 ql slitter/rewinder


Subject: Model 635 ql slitter/rewinder
54" Used Dusenbery Model 635 QL Slitter/Rewinder. Dusenbery designed this machine to give the Model 635 the feature of a two (2) motor drive. This allows for higher running speeds and the ability to slow down the rewind shafts. We have Five of these machines in inventory. They can be purchased as, refurbished, or rebuilt. This machineuses a two motor drive system, which includes a 7.54 HP main drive and a 10 HP rewind drive. Orr we can replace this system with a new 10 HP Eurotherm single motor drive system. The unwind on these machines is 36" diameter and the rewinds are 24" diameter without top idler rolls and 21" with top idler. The slitting is razor in groove, and is easily adapted to shear if preferred.