Mobile home aluminum insulated re-roof kit 14' x 70'


Subject: Mobile home aluminum insulated re-roof kit 14' x 70'
Mobile Home Aluminum Insulated Re-Roof Kit
14' x 70' (14' x 66' Box Size)
800 3/4 #12 neo bond washer pan screws
Insulation board must be purchased locally separately
Other custom size kits available:
3) Contact us and we will post store listing
Sample installation instructions may be found at
Sunshine Systems manufactures the premier re-roof systems that sets the standards to which all other products are judged. Roof panels are 13" wide with 12" of coverage. The roof panels are ribbed to insure roof ventilation and panel strength. High quality aluminum with baked enamel paint stands up to harsh environments. Roof panels can be manufactured arched or straight with lengths up to 35 ft. long. Sunshine Systems has many options to provide a solution to almost every roofing problem, with a stylish and practical product. Sunshine Systems roofovers will eliminate roof leaks, roof rumble, and unsightly rusted or damaged roofs. The reflectivity and included high-density insulation will dramatically reduce energy costs.