Miyano LD41 cnc turning center


Subject: Miyano LD41 cnc turning center
Machining capacity: Catalogue Specifications Chucking work capacity RD. 2-5/l6” Collet Chuck (Round)l-3/4”(Hex)l-l/2" (Sq)1-3/l6” Maximum Machining Length Collet Chuck 3-3/l6” Minimun Machining Length Collet Chuck 3/4” Workpiece dia.x l.5 Machining Capacity Sub Spindle Power Chuck Size 5” Chucking work capacity, Round 2-5/l6” Maximum Machining Length Power Chuck 2” Minimum Machining Length Power chuck 3/4” Main Spindle Nose A2-6 Spindle nose diameter 6-l/2” I.D. of spindle 2-3/l6” I.D. of Draw Pipe l.85” Spindle speed range l33 to 4000 RPM Spindle drive V Belt Direct Drive Main Turret Tooling stations 8 Distance across flat ll.023” I.D. Tool Hole Size 1" Tool Shank Size 3/4” Maximum Indexing Clearance l8” Indexing Time 0.4 sec/pos Main Turret Maximum Slide Stroke “X” axis 5.3l5” “Z” axis 9.843” Rapid Traverse Rate “X” axis 394 IPM “Z” axis 394 IPM Sub Spindle Spindle Nose Flat Diameter of Spindle Nose 5.3l5” dia. I.D. of spindle l.378” dia. I.D. of Draw Pipe l.l03” dia. Spindle speed range 100 to 4000 rpm Spindle drive V belt driect drive Spindle motor (variable speed AC) AC 3/5 HP Maximum Slide Stroke “X” axis 8.07l” “Z” axis 9.843” Rapid Traverse Rate “Z” axis 394 IPM “Z” axis 394 IPM Sub Turret Installed condition Fix Tooling station 6 Distance across flat 5.906” I.D. Tool Hole Size l” dia. Tool Shank Size 3/4” sq. Maximum Indexing Clearance l3” dia. Indexing Time 0.4 sec. Hydraulic Equipment Tank Capacity l0 gal. Pump Motor 5/6 Gal/Min Maximum Setting Pressure 640 PSI. Coolant Tank Capacity 32 gal. Pump Motor l/4 HP Pump Capacity 20/26 Gal/Min Lubricating Tank capacity 0.5 Gal. Pump motor ACl00V 0.00 5HP Maximum Setting Pressure 28 PSI Intermittent Time l5 Min. Chip Conveyor Hinge Type Motor 0.27 IMP Transfer Speed 33/40 IPM Power Requirement Voltage AC 200/220/230V Power Capacity \27KVA Machine Dimensions Height 70-ll/l6” Floor Space(W x L)73-l/l6” x l06-ll/l6” Weight l0976 lbs
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