Mitsubishi MTE2000D 4X4 diesel tractor, good condition.


Subject: Mitsubishi MTE2000D 4X4 diesel tractor, good condition.
This is a Mitsubishi MTE2000D 4x4 Tractor which I believe to be a 20 to 25 horse power machine, I bought this tractor in Iowa along with another tractor and don't really need this one.. The tires on this tractor show weather checks and hold air fine. I'm will include a back blade for this tractor which I have here at no additional charge This tractor is a diesel machine that starts and runs ok for what little that I have used it. There are no oil leaks on this tractor and it has less than 1000 hours on it. I replaced the alternator since I picked this tractor up. This is a good running tractor.
This is a manual transmission tractor and has the shifter on the left fender, 9 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, it has 3 pto speeds which I'm not sure of the speeds, Manual steering and of course has 3 point hitch. The top of the muffler is removable which was removed so I could transport is in an enclosed trailer. The top of the muffler is loose in photo due to tractor being transported.
Just for the party that does purchase this tractor, I will include a list of vendors that sell parts for the Mitsubishi tractors new and used. This list is one that saves alot of time finding parts and dealers for Mitsubishi tractors.
Local pickup preferred, Delivery charge is $2.00 per mile if I deliver, No checks accepted for delivery, Cash only.