Mini track skidsteer ditch witch SK500 2004 775H


Subject: Mini track skidsteer ditch witch SK500 2004 775H
Item Specifics - Skid Steer Loaders
* The SK500 is engineered to help even a novice operator work proficiently in a short amount of time. Only four levers are needed to run all functions, and each control is color-coded for quick, intuitive operation.
* Independent hydraulic circuits help the SK500 turn tightly for increased jobsite mobility and access. At just 36" (914mm) wide it will easily work in areas larger machines can't. In addition the SK500 undercarriage includes long tracks and high ground clearance to increase unit stability and agility and decrease ground pressure.
* The SK500 has a 500 lb (223 kg) lifting capacity, with a maximum lift height of 80.5". The boom can level its bucket or pallet load, which helps improve the operator's ability to accurately move a load.
Hydraulic Power Where its Needed Most
* The SK500 features 12-gpm flow that is provided by a set of two hydraulic gear pumps for attachment control. The smaller pump lifts the attachment (such as a digging boom) while the larger pump drives the attachment (such as a digging chain). If lift is not being used, the flow from the two pumps combines to drive the attachment. This results in a highly efficient use of horsepower.
* The trencher attachment is a Ditch Witch-designed digging system that has a proven history.
* The sprockets are selectively heat-treated with durable teeth for long wear life and a softer hub area to absorb shock.
* The digging chain has extra material at critical wear points along the bottom and the heel of the chain bar to increase chain life.
* The digging teeth are heat-treated and cooled slowly, making the tooth less brittle. They have patented tungsten hard facing applied evenly over tooth wear surface so teeth wear evenly and last longer.
Rated operating capacity (@ 35% of tipping capacity)
Ground pressure, 7-inch tracks
Ground pressure, 9-inch tracks
Installed net power per SAE J1349 (@ 3600 rpm)
SAE reserve capacity 180 min, SAE cold crank @ 0° (-18°C) 675 amp, 12V electrical system.
Bucket rollback angle, ground level
Bucket rollback angle, full height
152, 228, 305, 381, 457, 610, 762 mm