Millipore milli-rx-45 water purification system


Subject: Millipore milli-rx-45 water purification system
Millipore Milli-RX-45 Water Purification System
· Consistently deliver 45 L/hr. of Type II analytical-grade water
· Use patented Elix* technology
· Continuously monitor and display system status and performance
Large-volume systems combine reverse osmosis (RO) and patented Millipore Elix electrodeionization technology to produce Type II analytical-grade water. Purify 51/4 to 193/4 gal./hr. (20 to 75L/hr.). Ideal for preparing media, buffers and reagents, and as final rinse for glassware. Can also be used as feedwater for Milli-Q* and Super-Q* Water Systems, and laboratory equipment. Meet or exceed CAP, ASTM, NCCLS, BS 3978, and ISO 3696 standards for Type II water. Also meet USP/EP requirements for purified water.
Three-step water purification. ROPak* Pretreatment Pack with antiscaling compound provides primary purification and protects RO membrane. Secondary purification is achieved with a high-recovery reverse osmosis cartridge. Elix module provides final purification. (Cartridges sold separately.)
Elix technology for consistent water quality. Combines ion-permeable membranes, ion-exchange resins, and an electric field to remove ions from water without chemicals. Small, electric current within the Elix module continuously removes ions and regenerates ion-exchange resins. Removed ions are flushed from system into waste stream that can safely be directed down drain. Provides uninterrupted supply of water of consistent quality. Low-maintenance and lower-energy process removes calcium ions and uses less electricity than traditional distillation equipment.
Easy to operate and maintain. Simple, four-button operation. System status and performance are displayed on two-line alphanumeric LCD. Signals cartridges need replacing or RO-membrane needs cleaning. Automatic RO-membrane flush simplifies maintenance. Alarm signals if system malfunctions and displays help messages. No hazardous chemicals required to clean or maintain system.
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