Migali CA5-24BT-24 pan-2/double door sandwich table


Subject: Migali CA5-24BT-24 pan-2/double door sandwich table
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Migali CA5-24BT-24 Pan-2/Double Door Big Top Sandwich Table
* 61" across 34" deep 45.75" high
* 7 Years Compressor Warranty
* "Soft Air " Refrigerated Pan Rail
* White Epoxy Coated Aluminum Interior
* All Stainless Steel Exterior Front, Hood, Roll Cover, and Top
* Pans bar lock in place and are removable
* Oversized Coil and Condenser Units for faster cooling and great efficiency
* Energy Saving 2 1/2" of Polyurethane Insulation
* Cam type lift off heavy duty hinges
* Hanging Thermometer for easy temperature readings
* Adjustable temperature control thermostat
* Adjustable White Epoxy Coated Shelves
* 1/6 - 4" deep pans supplied, will accept 6" deep pans