Midmark 409 pediatric examination table w/digital scale


Subject: Midmark 409 pediatric examination table w/digital scale
The Midmark 409 Pediatric Examination Table offers all the features and benefits you need to give your patients the best, most tender care possible.
With an upholstered end panel and beveled sides, infants can't roll off the Midmark 409. And, because the sides are flat with no sharp edges, you have peace of mind knowing your patients are safe from harm.
Bending to examine 25-30 children every day can put strain and stress on your back. The Midmark 409 eliminates that strain and stress with its exam surface height of 36". You get great access to the patient without the need to bend over and do your exam.
When you're ready to examine a patient, the Midmark 409 provides everything you need right at your fingertips. There's no need to walk to another area for measuring or weighing, or to retrieve supplies. And there's no need for a separate scale, which can take up valuable counter space.
The built-in scale is easy to use. Simply turn it on, wait a second for it to calibrate, and it's ready to weigh. Because it recalibrates whenever it is turned on, you can be assured of its accuracy. What could be easier? The unit comes with an AC adapter, or if you prefer, it can be battery-operated. The unit even turns itself off, automatically.
Measure babies easily and accurately with the Midmark 409's infantometer. It pulls out easily and articulates out of the way when you are finished measuring.
For all your storage needs, the Midmark 409 provides one oversized drawer, as well as a bulk storage area that's perfect for keeping diapers and equipment out of the way. A hidden paper roll holder, with a paper tear strap at one end, is yet another convenience. For security, four leveling screws on the Midmark 409's base make it rock solid... and more importantly keep children from being able to crawl beneath the table.
Table top length: 42" (106.7 cm)
Table top width: 20.75" (52.7 cm)
Upper portion of table accommodates
one 14" x 3" (35.6 x 7.6 cm) diameter
One large drawer, 33" W x 15" D
x 4.125" H (83.8 x 38.1 x 10.5 cm)
Drawer is constructed of high impact polystyrene with rounded corners for easy cleaning and is supported by side-mounted ball bearing steel slides
Bulk storage: 33.5" W x 17" D x 21.75" H (85 x 43.2 x 55.2 cm)
Solid upholstery colors are Monaco, Soft Pearl, Wedgewood, Monet and Royal Carriage; coordinating Designer Patterns include English Gardens, Cathedral, Waterford, Tapestry and Cabernet. Side panels and painted steel surfaces are Pearl Grey.
409-006 Pediatric Examination Table with digital scale ( .2 lbs. to 40 lbs. (100 grams to 90 kilograms) range in .2 increments; measures given in both Imperial or Metric)
409-007 Pediatric Examination Table without digital scale
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