Middleby style double conveyor pizza oven, gas 32" w


Subject: Middleby style double conveyor pizza oven, gas 32" w
Select Distributing - Nashville,TN
Mike LeBerte
Two Year Pars and Labor Warranty !
Service Network :including Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico !
Spec sheet: http://www.globalcookingsystems.com/pdf/3240ovens27Jun2006.pdf
All ovens have easy access to the internal components making cleaning fast and easy. Constant heat is delivered to the chamber with high velocity air through adjustable fingers. The product cooks faster, because the cold air and moisture is blown away from the baking items leaving the product moist and flavorful on the inside and with a crisp crust and a picture perfect outer finish. The design of all ovens makes them excellent for cooking many products including pizza, seafood, bagels, ethnic foods and more.
Quick removeable control cabinet for ease and speed in serviceability. This patent pending design makes it possible to quickly change the control cabinet; containing burner, conveyor drive moter and electrical controls, if for any reason you have a problem that lets you down at the most inopportune moment-like a busy Friday evening. Now, a repair-person can quickly change the control cabinet with the Global Modâ„¢and have you up and running quickly without a long down period.
Thanks! Mike